Which Are The Best International Secondary Schools in Pune?

Pune has some of the best schools in India. These include secondary schools as well as international schools. There are many reasons behind this. Firstly, Pune has a long tradition of being home to some of the best schools in the country. In fact, many of its reputed schools have been around since colonial times. In recent years Pune has become a leading hub of technology companies in the country.

That has resulted in an influx of professionals who work for these businesses. A lot of the new secondary schools in Pune, including the international ones have come up to cater to the educational needs of their children.

Let us look at some of the leading international secondary schools in Pune.

1. Global Indian International School

The Global Indian International School is part of the globally renowned GIIS chain of schools. They boast the best possible infrastructure and outstanding teaching staff. They offer the much-acclaimed Global Montessori Plus and CBSE syllabuses to their students. At GIIS the students are taught the kind of values that turn them into global citizens, in every sense of the term. It is not surprising therefore that it is one of the most sought-after of the international schools in Pune.

2. Indus International School Pune

This is considered to be the number one day cum boarding school in both Pune and all Maharashtra and with good reason. The focus in this school is on holistic development to help prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Boasting a sprawling 36-acre campus, this IB world school is the place to shape one’s child or children’s destiny on account of their high standards in academic as well as extracurricular matters. The school is amongst the most well amongst the international schools in Pune on account of how well they shape the destiny of their students.

3. Symbiosis International School

Considered to be amongst the best schools in India Symbiosis International School is an IB world school with a difference. Apart from the IB diplomas, it offers the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. because They easily have some of the best infrastructure and facilities of any school in the country and are amongst the most highly sought-after educational institutions in Pune. Parents understand that getting their children admitted to this school is a passport to huge success later in their lives.

4. CP Goenka International School

Again one of the best international schools in Pune. It is known to provide the most comprehensively holistic to its children. The learning imparted by them is such that their students become future-ready to face the challenges posed by a rapidly evolving world. They ensure that their students develop all the qualities necessary in an inspirational leader. Because The idea is to lift the spirits of every child to inspire them to inspire others to seize the initiative and lead.

5. Orchids International School

This is one of the best CBSE and ICSE schools in Pune and much sought after on account of the stellar quality of education that it provides. Because The school believes in the holistic development of students for which it deploys new-age interactive modules. Receiving an education in this school is both a joy and a privilege.


The secondary international school in Pune has probably amongst the best reputations for a group of educational institutes for children anywhere in the country. In this, they are only following a long-established Pune tradition of giving education the top priority. Evidence by the fact that the city has always known for its fantastic schools.

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