Here’s How to Use Window Paint Markers to Complete the Festive Craft.

Here’s how to use window paint markers to complete the festive craft. Window paint markers can create subtleties on the glass and excellent fun pencil drawing designs! With these decors, you can quickly draw festive Christmas themes, scary Halloween pictures or add a few patterns to light up a window.

Window drawings are often seen in shop windows and cafes, but you can also use them for exciting designs at home. You can freehand sketch your projects or use stencils to embellish your window. It doesn’t have to be complicated to make your lovely window decorations, and it’s also a great Christmas activity to try with the kids.

What kind of attributes can you use on Windows?

Window artists often use white chalk markers to create their designs because they are more visible and have a fresh and modern look. However, you can get window paint markers in a variety of colours. You can also use acrylic markers like Posca pens to draw on the glass.

You are probably wondering: do marker windows wash? Yes, they do! We need to lightly remove pen marks on the window with water and a damp cloth to remove the window graphics. If you’re struggling to remove the stains, add a little washing-up liquid to the water to remove any residue.

If you don’t touch your finished drawing, it should stay on the glass for a long time.

Using Window Color Markers

First, think about your design and the need to assemble your window. It can be helpful to sketch out some ideas on a piece of paper before you start creating a template.

Since window paint markers are water-soluble, I have to use them all over the house, so the rain doesn’t wash them off. Remember to draw on the inside of the window and vice versa on the other side. If you want to write a message to your window, please report it!

Before you start sketching, you may require to scrub your windows, particularly if you have juniors who tend to feel the glass. If you have young children, drag yours to your window so they can’t reach you.

Shake the window pen before running the ink. You may have to press it down on a piece of paper a few times to get the ink out.

If you are an artist, you will draw your projects directly on the window, but it is also possible to use models for more complicated projects or if you want to add words to your design. You can attach your model to the outside of the window with non-sticky adhesive tape such as washi tape. When you’re happy with the placement, use the window markers to draw the lines.

Ten ideas for painting Christmas windows

Festive scene

Draw a festive scene to add some Christmas cheer to your living room window this winter. It helps keep your home looking positive.

window paint

Traditional snow landscape

Would you like to fill your window with a retro design? This snowy landscape drawing is just the ticket! Enjoy filling your windows with snowy trees, log cabins, and icy mountains.

window paint


Snowflakes are one of the easiest ways to decorate your windows for Christmas! Why not involve the children and let them have their way? The organization created this icy snowflake window.

window paint

It also has lots of fun festival ideas to try out with your new chalk markers.

Christmas wreath

It’s surprisingly easy to create a beautiful shop window by decorating your window with a white festive wreath. You can achieve that spray-on look on your window by using some snow spray designed to be used on glass. Use some red chalk markers to add a scattering of berries to complete the wreath.

window paint

Complicated poinsettia

If you’re not a surefire artist, downloading a template might be a good option. You can publish it release and attach it to the window with low-adhesive tape (washi tape is excellent for this!). You will soon have great window drawings for Christmas! We love this template for drawing a snowflake window by the German artist Bine Brändle. It can inspire your intricate designs.

window paint

Festive borders

You don’t have to decorate the whole window! Sometimes adding a decorative border can be surprisingly effective, and adding small details in red will help bring the design to life. We love this fantastic party.

window paint

Christmas houses

Draw a festive scene on your window by adding an alley of Christmas houses to the bottom of the frame.

window paint

Christmas trees

No Christmas without a tree! Artist and illustrator Melissa Launay created this fantastic festive design.

window paint

Christmas balls

Give your window your unique look this Christmas by filling it with richly patterned balls. You don’t have to make it as complicated as this incredible window art, but it is a great starting point for your designs.

window paint

Christmas heart

Exhibit your devotion for the leaves with this cheerful little Christmas heart. Fill the heart with cute patterns and surround it with a barrage of snowflakes!

window paint

We hope you enjoy decorating your windows for Christmas.

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