7 reasons why your company is bad with social networks

The right content strategy for social networks – one of the most important criteria for success. Social networks – the face of your brand, and if the situation does not develop them, it can affect not only sales, but also on the company’s reputation. Employees digital-agency Global Yodel Media Group published on the Huffington Post website a list of the seven most common causes of failure in social marketing, as well as lead the simple ways of solving such problems.

7 reasons why your company is bad with social networks

You hired incompetent SMM-crate

Around full SMM-ers, virtually every third blogger willing to declare himself an expert in social media. Of course, among these experts have well done, but the majority engaged in nonsense. How to understand the level of SMM-manager? Just check out the page on which he worked before – check the quality of content, degree of audience involvement. The second easiest way – to see the personal accounts SMM-crate in social networks. If he is not able to attract an audience to your page, a post the boring stuff and generally does not stand out, is a good chance that the same thing will happen with accounts msum d2l login of your brand.

The solution: hire people who are interesting accounts in social networks, or have experience of popular (or at least Jolly) pages for brands. Or hire a digital-coaching or strategy that will teach your SMM-box.

You have chosen the wrong strategy

Very often companies attach much greater importance social networks than they deserve really. There are no mysteries and engineering algorithms, the main purpose of drawing up a strategy for conducting social networks – communication. Yes, the only communication with the desired audience. In order not to puff his head abstruse books and seminars on online promotion, simply ask yourself three questions – from what audience you want to communicate, why and how? If you – the travel agency that focuses on the sale of cheap youth passes, you should not choose to “Classmates” as the target platform, and post there stories about five-star hotels and flights in business class.

Solution: Understand who your target audience is and how you want to communicate with her. Make five different potential typecasting your customers and when you post, make sure the content is relevant has been for at least one of these types.

You are using social networks as the main sales tool

Imagine that you met at a party a long-time friend. You have complete common interests, and you think that it is – the perfect customer for your business. Will you buy it at once to campaign your product? In social networks the same – no need to use a channel intended primarily for communication, as a sales tool. Social networks are necessary for building community.

Solution: Give the posts that sell no more than 10% of space and time in your content plan. There is much more useful and relevant sales tools. Be social network to communicate with the audience.

You do not understand the features of social networks

Each platform has its own “language”, to be used correctly. Twitter for short-intensive posts, Instagram – for brilliant photos and videos, Facebook, VK – for stories. Figuratively speaking, we should not try to play football on the rules of basketball – to sense zero.

Your SMM-crate does not understand the essence of your business

Very often it happens that the person in charge of the social network of your company, do not fully understand, what does your business. If you manage a fitness club, but the SMM-plier of agency never participated in sports and can not be distinguished from the bench press deadlift, the promise of your brand in social networks is not as bright and penetrating as it could be.

Solution: Make sure the crate SMM-versed in the products or services of your brand. Make a list of ideas that have “voice” of your social networks.

You put the number higher quality

For social networks, there are certain KPI and time when the content deployment will bring the most response and good. To determine this time your SMM-crate should be able to use analytical services, and will help to define KPI marketer. But do not fill up the posts of social networks in the hope of attracting the attention of the amount myindigocard.

The value of the Content missing

It makes no sense to spend money on targeted advertising if the content itself is created carelessly. Make sure to publish posts in social networks, that really want laykat, distribute and discuss. Without this, any additional promotion would not make sense, it attracted the audience just will not stay with you, or will hang “dead weight”. If your electronics store wants to sell a new model of the camera, it is worth more (and more interesting as it is possible) to talk about the benefits of it and not poke people are advertising banners and links.

Solution: Focus on interesting and relevant to your brand content. Remember that the sale via the influence of social networks is impossible without a strong link between the brand and the user.

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