A Complete Guide to Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible NFT collection.

Stan Lee's Chakra The Invincible NFT collection.

Chakra is the superhero brainchild from co-creator Stan Lee that has stolen the hearts of millions worldwide. Chakra is the embodiment of genius storytelling with lots of heart, struggle, pain, laughter, and of course, action, but the story is universal. That is what makes Stan’s characters fleshed out relatable human beings with an extra added bonus of superpowers. This also makes it the unique instance where a character from India has veered abroad and made an impact with audiences globally.

This beloved character has garnered attention and love from people all over the world, and rightfully so. Apart from the comic editions, there was a theatrical release and the animated series that made it gain popularity from the youngins. It was created with the intention of making the character a household name throughout the world, like Spiderman and such. This collection of NFTs is specially curated for the fans of the character who resonate with being the odd one out. To see themselves reflected from the story and the struggles of their larger-than-life comic character. 

The story of Chakra

Chakra is the story of Raju Rai, the alias of Chakra. A young boy from Mumbai finds himself in the likes of a genius scientist Dr. Singh, with whom he collaborates on a suit that could unlock the mystical abilities of the human body by harnessing the chakras that are correlated with the energy of the universe. Raju faces a dire need to secure the suit from robbers and puts on the suit for safeguarding, lo-and-behold!

He unlocks the ability to harness the suit’s full potential and gets his powers. He uses the powers to defend Mumbai from the evil forces that pose a threat and eventually faces his most dangerous adversary, Boss Yama. Their stories are interconnect together from the inception of the suit, and Chakra finds his purpose – to always stand for good over evil.

How does Chakra use his Chakras?

Chakras are nothing but the focal points which believe to unlock the potentials of the human ability to the max in ancient times. Chakra uses the same principle, but it is amplified on steroids to its fullest with the help of the suit. There are seven colors that represent each potential of the Chakra and their powers.

  • Root Chakra/Yellow: He accesses the root chakra for his flight abilities.
  • Raksha Chakra/Blue: This is his forcefield to protect him from imminent danger.
  • Solar Chakra/Red: This is a deadly lethal energy blast that can cause some real damage.
  • Heart Chakra/Magenta: Chakra can heal himself from mental and physical injuries.
  • Voice Chakra/Green: A gut instinct or a voice in his head guiding him from the lies and deceit.
  • Vision Chakra/Purple: This helps Chakra get his suit on and off at his will.
  • Crown Chakra/White: This is the most powerful of them all. It makes him see into the future and harness the powers of the universe.

How Chakra came to be…

Stan Lee was invited to create an Indian-origin superhero, and it turns out he has always wanted to create one since he was enthralled by the rich Indian culture and its mystical teachings. Stan had always stressed the need to create human characters, and being human makes them flawed and real. This is why all of Stan’s characters have stood the testament of time. Additionally, Chakra is no exception in lieu of genius.

Stan’s intention of surpassing geographical barriers and stepping into the international market for the need of superhero stories with diverse and regional characters like Chakra made it possible for a new stream of artists to introduce more characters on the global market and the rise in demand for more diversity. Chakra was co-created by Stan Lee for the live-action version talks before his passing, which also makes it one of his last creations, making it even more special for his fans worldwide to get excited for.

What’s in store for the Chakra fanatics?

Well, would you believe there are over six thousand plus unique one-of-a-kind NFTs to choose from… There are many different methods of purchasing your favorite NFTs that are mentioned below.

  • The loot box has 6865 unique NFTs to try your luck on. They are each individual artworks inspires from the comics of Chakra the Invincible and some of its lovable characters, including a few renditions of Stan Lee integrating into the Chakraverse.
  • How does it work? Well, you get to own one of the only 6865 units of NFTs in the world, but the catch is that you’re going in blind, and you end up with a masterpiece nonetheless.
  • There are ChakraPunks and only 15 available in the whole wide world, and they are going off in auction-style, so get your wallets ready cause they will fly off the shelf faster than your hero.
  • Animated covers are going out on the auction, and there are only two available for purchase.
  • Owning comic covers are comic nerds bragging rights, don’t miss out on the very select, iconic covers that are up for sale.
  • Want to get a taste of the Chakras? We got you covered!! Each of the Chakras is unique and available for first dibs for those who are top-tier auctioneers attendees.
  • A two-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind NFT videos are also up for auction. Flex your fingers to hit the purchase button fast before it’s too late.
  • You also get an original finite lithograph with the autograph of Stan’s from years ago for select items.

Where and how can you purchase your Chakra the Invincible NFTs?

It is rare for companies to conceptualize and make it possible for niche and regional superheroes to get a launch this big while also paying homage to one of the greatest legends that ever lived. This would make it the second biggest launch for the after a super smash hit of the Legend Amitabh’s NFTs selling out faster than their release. You can visit their website and join the waitlist. This will improve your chances of getting your chance to own an incredible legacy item. Make it ASAP, or you lose your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of comic history.

To wrap the gift that keeps on giving

Make use of the opportunity to become a part of the legend Stan’s history and legacy. A career spanning more than half a decade with nothing short of billions in the bank for the industry and billions more for the hearts of fans. They are priceless artifacts that you could cherish forever.

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