Beginners Treks in India

A lifelong experience, which gives you a high adrenaline rush and the opportunity to get closer to the wonders of nature. The Himalayas offer several hiking  trails, ranging from the simplest to the most rugged. Such trails are a mixture of plants, animals, man-made structures, cultural experiences, religious fun, and much more. If you also want such fun.

Chatakpur Tiger Hill Trek:

The Chatakpur Tiger Hill trek near Darjeeling is an easy 7 km walk that takes you through dense forests and orchards to the Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. You can camp all night in Chatakpur and catch the sunrise and sunset at the city viewing point, where you can see Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. The vision is unforgettable, and through it you get a calm, peaceful atmosphere. As you descend the slope, you get to see Buddhist monks and Senchal Lake. March-April and October-November are the best times for this trip, as Senchal stays closed during the monsoon months.

Triund Hill Trek:

The Triund Hill trip is actually one of the most popular weekend trip options from McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh. It takes you through dense rhododendron forests and open spaces and pastures. Along the way, you discover immersion in the beauty of nature and the sound of birds chirping. The journey takes 9 km from Dharamkot, and you can close the gap in 5 or 6 hours. Above, you get a view of the Dhauladhar mountains and the Kangra valley. If you want to explore further, you can climb to the top of Indrahara Pass and Illaqua Glacier, while passing the Lahesh caves. May-June and September-November are the best times for this trip.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek:

The Chopta Chandrashila trek is considered one of the highest rides of the Garhwal Himalayan Mountains. It starts in the village of Chopta in Uttarakhand, and the journey takes about 5 days to complete. Along the way, you get a spectacular view of the Himalayan mountains, culminating in a spectacular vista from Chandrashila Point. If you visit during the winter months, you may see snow covering the entire valley. While all of this may seem daunting to beginners, the whole journey is actually possible, even for a newborn. The best time to take a trip to Chopta Chandrashila is from May to November.

Hampta Pass:

The Hampta Pass tour of Himachal Pradesh connects the beautiful valleys of Lahaul and Kullu and takes about 4-5 days to complete. In the company, you have alpine forests and spectacular views of glaciers and mountains. The journey starts from Manali, and every few miles, the landscape and landscape change. By the end of it, you will have traveled a distance of 26 km to a height of 4,400 meters. You complete the trek to Chhatru, where you get a view of the Spiti Valley, Rohtang Pass and Hampta Pass meet.  

Kheerganga Trek:

Kheerganga is one of the most sought after places for business opportunities from Kasоl in the beautiful village of Раrvati. The supernatural quality site, in fact, the Kheerganga and the way it is ready is packed with amazing size. You can show off in Bаrshaini, the base of the kheerganga business, in a car or taxi from Kаsol or Manikán or in another from the best whinthenverer. From there, a distance of 11-12 km from top to bottom. It will usually be done in 5-6 hours successfully, until it leads to a brief return to the recipient and relaxes in the middle of most of the bridal areas with beautiful windows. He will cross the small town of Nakthan and the proposed Shiva in the Rudrаnag Temрle area. You can keep them on the road or on your way down. You will also traverse green fields indefinitely over excessive slolors, blocked by the rumble of regular characters. In the highlands of Kheerganga, there is a flowing stream called the Раrvati Kund, where explorers can dive in and rejuvenate themselves after a tiring journey. Restoration means you return to Bharshaini the next day and take a car to Kаsоl.

Рrаshar Lаke Trek:

 Go towards the town of Jwаlarur in a taxi about 25 km away and specify a general idea for circling. From the city, start walking around Himaсhali small villages with vistas of Dhаulаdhаr, Kinnaur, and Рirranjаl on all sides. The route quickly gives long distances which will be very quiet as you continue to move forward. You will show up at the amazing Rashar Sea following 4-5 hours of travel. Closed next to a shiny blue lake represents the safe haven of the Sаge Рrаshаr exhibiting an impressive closure by design. As the legend shows, this is where the Rishis often leaked during the Vedis Age, and that is the meaning of the lake and the shelter are considered sacred. The whole view makes an excellent drawing to get into your memory and your camera. The twilight and the setting of the sun produce beautiful scenes in the landscape, illuminating the sky with bright light and a brilliant glow in the twilight. Grease and run towards Ranarsа.

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