How to Choose the Most Appropriate E-Liquid

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There are many options available: high VG or high PG, nicotine salts and free base, 10ml or shortfalls, and many more.This is, in many ways, a good thing. Vaping can meet the needs and desires of many people because there are so many options. It can be confusing at first, however.This post explains the differences between e-liquid and the needs they address, so you can select the best e-liquid for you.

Selecting the right nicotine strength

According to the experiences we analyzed, most vapers opt for nicotine strengths too weak to switch successfully. Keep in mind that the UK’s maximum nicotine level is 20mg (or 2%), which is much lower than the US’s 5% level.

You should limit your daily cigarette consumption to no more than 15 cigarettes. Instead, use the strongest e-liquid that you can find. This is usually 18mg in 10ml bottles.You might prefer to vape less or light cigarettes. You might be able to drop to 12mg (1.2%) if you smoke less or prefer light/mild cigarettes. However, if vaping isn’t working for you, you may need to use a stronger nicotine level. A higher nicotine level is preferable when you first begin vaping. However, many vapers slowly decrease their nicotine levels.

For a strong throat hit

Many people find that cigarettes can irritate the back of their throats. You need an e-liquid that contains a lot of propylene glycol if you want to recreate the throat hit.The VG/PG ratio is the key.

Medical experts recommend that you take a long drag when first using a high-PG e-liquid. This will prevent your throat from becoming irritated, which can lead to coughing. It is best to use vape hardware designed for mouth-to-lung vaping.

To give your throat a soothing hit

There are two ways to reduce the throat hit from e-liquids.First, you can use nicotine salts. The use of nicotine salts is a relatively recent innovation. These nicotine salts were first introduced by vapers who found that the nicotine hit from very strong e-liquids was too harsh.

Nicotine salts that use the original nicotine from tobacco leaves to create a smoother throat hit. This may increase the rate of nicotine delivery and make it more satisfying.New vapers love nicotine salts. They are great for those who smoke light cigarettes or tobacco. They may not suit you if you’re used to strong hits in your throat. Juice salts are disgusting. A higher VG e-liquid can also be used to reduce the throat hit. High-VG e-liquids should only be used with advanced equipment.

Which flavor?

The flavour is a personal choice. We won’t go into too much detail here. One thing that is important to note is that smokers who begin with a tobacco flavour less likely to switch. Even if you don’t like smoking, it is worth trying non-tobacco flavors.

Element E Liquid

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