How To Wear An Anniversary Ring In Style

Anniversary celebrations signify the couple’s commitment to one another, and their relationship is getting stronger each year. Since your affection for one another is growing, too should your jewelry collection the addition of an anniversary ring.

Usually, women choose anniversary bands to go with wedding and engagement rings. But there is no hard and fast rule about when or where to wear an anniversary band. There are numerous ways a woman can wear a brand-new eternity band.

This piece will look at some of the most popular ways to wear an anniversary band, along with everything else you need to know about it. It’s entirely up to you and your sense of taste which one you prefer. Let’s check it out.

Difference Between Engagement Rings and Anniversary Rings

Couples share engagement rings as proposal rings when they decide to get married. On the other hand, couple gift anniversary rings to celebrate the passage of a year since the couple first exchanged vows. It’s appropriate for happy couples to buy anniversary rings for each other on any anniversary.

Queries About the Anniversary Ring

Before getting to the ways, you can style your anniversary band. Here are a few queries that people usually have about anniversary rings.

On Which Hand Should You Wear an Anniversary Band?

People reserve their left hand for diamond wedding bands and engagement rings by tradition. So, the right is where they usually wear their anniversary bands. However, there’s no law that says you can’t show off your anniversary band on your left hand, either.

How Do You Wear an Anniversary Band?

Your individual preference will determine how you wear the anniversary band. You might think about how it will look or what kind of styling will feel most comfortable to you.

Be sure that wearing an anniversary ring won’t irritate your finger too much. After all, the best jewelry is the kind that makes you feel beautiful and confident without getting in the way of your regular activities.

Is It Okay To Wear Both A Wedding Band And An Anniversary Ring?

There is no hard and fast rule about whether or not you can wear an anniversary ring in addition to a wedding band. It is entirely up to the wearer to decide whether or not to use both rings. The rules of etiquette have no bearing on these rings.

5 Ways to Wear An Anniversary Ring In Style

If you’re in the market for an anniversary band or ring, your first step should be to consider how and where you’d like to wear the ring. Here are a few suggestions to help you get an idea.

1. Add an Anniversary Band to Your Wedding or Engagement Ring

One classy way to flaunt your anniversary band is to stack it with an engagement or a solitaire wedding ring.

This style is ideal for anyone with an engagement ring on the smaller side, as it will give the impression that the ring is larger. It creates the illusion that the finger is fuller than it is, which is sure to garner praise from one’s peers.

Having rings that go well together and complement each other is of utmost significance if you want to pull off this style. Choose an anniversary band that complements your other rings by sticking to the design of your engagement ring. Otherwise, your anniversary ring will look out of place. When you do it the right way, it will result in a stunning look.

2. Double Up Your Favorite Band

You can find a diamond anniversary ring with similar design elements if you already have a favorite piece you cannot bear to part with. Just add an anniversary band to your current ring collection.

You can tell your jeweler ahead of time that you intend to stack your bands in the future. They can assist you in choosing a diamond anniversary ring to go along with your favorite ring.

Don’t worry if you haven’t purchased a diamond anniversary ring with this intent in mind this time. You still have many years ahead of you!

3. Put Your Anniversary Band on Your Right Hand

Those who prefer not to have too many rings on one finger will find that the right hand is an excellent location for an anniversary band. Doing this will create space for your rings, highlighting their individual splendor.

Women with large engagement rings sometimes wear their wedding and anniversary bands on the same finger. However, that makes one of your hands look too crowded.

So decide to wear your anniversary ring, depending on your wedding ring shape. What do you do if you have one big wedding or engagement ring or multiple rings that don’t go together? Choosing to put your anniversary ring on your right hand will be an ideal choice. Let your rings stand out individually.

4. Move the Anniversary Ring to Another Finger

You don’t need to restrict an anniversary band solely on one finger. You can wear it on any finger and switch it around daily if the other fingers are already too crowded. This practice allows the wearer greater versatility in styling the ring for any event.

The look is ideal for someone who likes to experiment with their appearance frequently and wears lots of jewelry. One word of caution, though, remember to measure the finger(s) where you will wear your anniversary ring before you buy it.

5. Swap out Your Old Ring(s) for Something Shinier

Many married women look for rings that can be an alternative to their wedding bands. This practice is excellent if you plan to celebrate a significant anniversary (silver, golden, etc.).

You can consider purchasing a magnificent diamond ring instead of wearing two separate diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Many women sell their previous bands to raise additional funds to buy an anniversary ring.


Now you know five different ways to display your anniversary band. You can wear anniversary bands in various ways. This includes stacking it with other rings on the left hand or as a replacement for the wedding band. You can also wear it on the right hand, or even on a different finger entirely.

Do what you like – there are no hard and fast guidelines. However, you should always consider the overall style and general comfort.

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