Know how to fix the printer device error instantly

A printer is an important hardware device that provides the hardcopy of your documents, files, images, photos. Earlier printer devices were slow and can connect to selected devices.

New printer models are very advanced and robust. You can connect the printer to various devices and can also use the printer for scanning or faxing purposes. These devices are reliable but can also get into error. A common printer error code 0xf1 was reported by many users. When the error appears, the printer stops working. The user can’t take the printouts until he resolves the 0xf1 error.

Troubleshooting Printer Error Code 0xf1

Run printer troubleshooter

The error code on the printer can occur due to the runtime error. When you get the error while using the printer then run the troubleshooter. Windows has an inbuilt troubleshooter which can check for the error and then fix it immediately.

  1. Open the Windows 10 device 
  2. Tap on the Settings folder 
  3. Choose the Update and Security option
  4. Click on Troubleshoot button
  5. Go to the troubleshooter page and tap on the printer

Choose Run the troubleshooter option and the troubleshooter will start searching for your printer. Go to the list and hit on your printer. When the printer is not listed then selecting My printer is not listed is not an option. Tap on the Next button and then it will start troubleshooting the printer-related error. 

Remove the print queue

Printers have an inbuilt memory to store the jobs. When the print memory is full but the user sends a new job then it will show Epson error 0xf1. For this error, you have to remove the pending print job. Clear the queue from the printer and then it will start taking the command. 

  1. Open the printer and click on the taskbar
  2. Your status monitor will appear
  3. Choose Display Print Queue option
  4. Hit on the Print queue window
  5. Select the Cancel All Documents option
  6. Users will get the confirmation windows on the screen

Now you have to click on the Yes button and all the pending jobs on the device will be removed. After cleaning the printer memory, go to the device and give a new command. 

Update your printer hardware

The printer stops working and shows the error code when the driver is outdated. Your printer driver needs a regular update. Outdated drivers can’t work properly on the system. You have to check the printer driver for a new update. If the update for your driver is available then go and install it. After updating, the print function will start working. If the driver is not working correctly due to corrupted files then run the driver repair tool. You can also reinstall the driver on the device.

Check the printhead

The printhead can also get your device into error. When the user takes hundreds of printouts simultaneously; the printhead gets overheated. To prevent burnout, the printer stops working. Users have to wait until the printhead of the system cools down. Now again start the printer and it will work efficiently. In case the fuser or printhead is damaged then replace it.

Run a malware scan

It may sound strange but the malware can also get the printer into error. If the device is under malware infection then many programs will stop working. Viruses can also interrupt your commands. When you give the print command, viruses interrupt it and the printer can’t understand it. You have to remove all those viruses and malware to fix the printer error code.

Inspect the printer cartridge

The printer can get the error when it is unable to find the cartridge. If the user is getting the error after installing a new cartridge then reinstall it. Remove your cartridge and check for any damage on the contact pins. Also, remove all the plastic covering from it. Make sure you are not installing a clone cartridge as many printers won’t read those cartridges. Install the original cartridge and then check for your error code.

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