Major Reasons for the Franchise Failure

The imperative reason why people prefer to opt for a franchise rather than establishing their own business from scratch is fewer chances of risk. Because establishing a business, building its reputation and respect in the market will take a lot of time. Moreover, a franchisee is provided with marketing support and a strong customer base. Do you know many people still fail in the process? There are many reasons behind the franchise failure. Some of the reasons may be readily evident, while others may be less manifest. So, before buying a franchise you need to understand a few factors that can cause a failure. Therefore, read this article attentively to eliminate the chances of failure so that you can touch the crest of the wave of success.

Being a franchise, you need to stay ahead of your time and make sure you do whatever is in your power to lead your franchise to success. In order to achieve success, you should understand why some new franchises end up in failure and try to avoid such blunders. Have you made up your mind to run a franchise? If it is a coaching franchise, make sure to provide proper training to your staff to avoid any flaws later. Let’s move ahead and discuss some major reasons why franchises could not achieve success even after investing a lot of effort.

Major reason for the failure of franchise: 

  • Bad business model

A business model is a foundation of how the franchise will operate. The poor, underdeveloped and unclear business model will surely push the franchise towards failure. Sometimes, there are certain cases when the business model is not up to date with the time of today. This can also result in the franchise going out of business.  However, there is a high probability that undeveloped business models will be found in start-up networks, and this should be factored into a potential franchisee’s assessment of the risk of joining. 

  • Inadequate support and training

One prime reason for franchise failure is inadequate support or lack of training. Start-up franchises are most likely to end up in failure as compared to mature brands due to poor training. This is because new franchisors don’t provide training or support to franchisees. Therefore, make sure to protect yourself from these issues by ensuring well in advance the nature, content, frequency and assessment of training and support provided by franchisor. If it does not seem satisfying, you can look for other better options. 

  • Improper planning

There is no denying the fact ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. This is quite true in the case of running a franchise. Even after knowing this, most of the franchisees still neglect to develop a proper business plan before stepping up ahead in the franchise business. Therefore, it is better to involve a franchisor in the preparation of the business plan. A business plan is just like a road map that shows the right path to attain profits and to achieve certain milestones. Therefore, it is crucial to design a well defined and detailed business plan for a fruitful outcome. 

  • Inadequate working capital and reinvestment

Businesses fail because of poor cash flow and not because they do not generate profits. This reason of omission is applicable for all franchises in any sector. If a franchisee fails to invest in a franchise and does not have the required working capital, that franchise will surely end up in failure. If the amount of capital coming into the business is not more than the amount of cash going out, the franchise will not be able to pay bills and salaries to employees. Therefore, if employees will not receive their salaries, they will refuse to work. So, there will be no other option than closing a franchise.

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  • Fail to follow the system

Undoubtedly, franchises already have a prescribed strategy of doing work and running a business. However, some of the franchisees think that they can do better and build their own tactics. Although franchisors always welcome the brilliant ideas and suggestions of the franchisees to bring an improvement in the business growth. However, if ideas are completely at odds with the offer, then he may put the business at a risk.


Business growth as well as failure depend upon a few factors. Owning a franchise is the best career move but you need to take care of a few things to eliminate the chances of failure. We hope you will achieve abundant success by following our staunch guidance.

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