Space Movies That You Should Watch

Movies That You Should Watch

For the long-lived history of humans, we have been fascinated by the black bland place that we called space. Space has left mankind wondering and awestruck by the numerous possibilities and at the same time dangers of traveling in outer space. There is something that has kept us hooked with this idea of outer space, alien invasion, and the discovery of another planet. Hollywood showed us numerous stories plots with astonishing views and outstanding visual effects of these space movies which has made us even more obsessed with the wonders of the outer world. So, let’s get started with the underrated space movies which are a total masterpiece. So, this weekend exercises your imagination with these outstanding movies.

Galaxy Quest:

This space flick action-packed movie was directed by Dean Parisot in 1999. The amazing storyline of the movie kept all the viewers glued to their screens. And the outstanding acting by the star cast made it even more exciting to watch. The weirdest yet adventurous reunion of humans and aliens to save their different worlds from the reptilian warlord is a treat for all space lovers. People have been seen linking this movie with Star Trek on the internet and even asking questions like what space movie came out in 1992?

On the Silver Globe:

Based on the polish novel by Jerzy Zulawski on the same title and directed by Andrzej Zulawski this movie is a must-watch and for all the space-adventure lovers. The incredibly ambitious work of the creators has resulted in this masterpiece so with such exquisite sets and costumes. The amazing storyline will so keep you hooked the whole time. The movie earned The Best Film Award at Fantasporto Film Festival in 1988.

Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War has given the most terrifying villain ‘Thanos’ in the history of space movies. The introduction of such terrific villains made it even more exciting to watch our heroes facing them. The amazing storyline where the avengers set out across space to stop him made the movie win all hearts. These all made it the fifth-highest-grossing movie of all time across the globe. There are certain memes on the internet about people jokingly asking each other what movie came out in 1992.

World on a Wire:

This movie was directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s mind-blowing approach towards the existence of human civilization. The topic has recently gained the attention of several philosophers, scientists, and entrepreneurs and left us wondering with a question that we even real? What if living in a simulation? This topic fantastically showcased in the movie with an amazing star cast which made it even more real. This movie will leave you wondering if these theories.

The Martian:

Based on the popular novel and directed by Ridley Scott this movie is an absolute intergalactic adventure you shouldn’t miss. The movie is a journey of mankind coming together for a singular motive which is saving. The astronaut Mark Watney abandoned Mars after his crew made a sudden exit during witnessing a dust storm.

The character Mark Watney played by Matt Damon who his outstanding expressions acting made the character more lively. Watney is a genius scientist who will take us on this space journey and then return home (Earth). This made Matt Damon win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor and many other awards. So, If you still haven’t caught a view of this marvelous movie, go watch it so now and also click here to know more about cbli stock.

That’s our top five space movies you should watch. Make this weekend a little less tiring and hectic by entering into a much wider out of the world issue.

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