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The Best Approach to Starlight Headliner for Every Personality Type

Putting a starry headliner in your car could be hard and take a long time. The original headliner might be broken, and buying a new one can be expensive, so it’s common to have a professional install a fantastic star headliner display for you.

I’m trying to get a rough idea of how much this service by a professional should cost. A starry ceiling can cost anywhere from $900 for a few lights to $2,000 or more, including labor if you want a lot of them. The installation price depends on a number of things that will be discussed in this article. There are many things to think about, like the number of stars, how complicated the setup is, and the make and model of the car.

Number of Stars

Most of the time, the price of installing a starlight headliner depends on how many stars you want. Fiber optic lights are poked or pushed up through the headliner fabric and then held in place with liquid glue. This is a hard job that could take a long time because it needs to be done carefully for each of the hundreds or thousands of lights that will make up the beautiful star show. A batch of 300 units of starlight will cost about $300 per unit. For a large number of stars (1000), it costs more than $2500, and installation costs about $900. Let’s look at other things that could change how much this installation will cost.

Installation Quality

There are many ways to put on the Starlight Headliners. Some ways are faster, but others can give you a better sky view. Many of the installations you can see online show that the fabric must be pierced so that the fabric optic lights fit flush with the headliner. But when the fiber optic lights are poked through the headliner, they may rip the fabric, making the inside of your car look dirty and lowering its resale value. This is the fastest and easiest way to set up a star show, but it will still be a spectacular show. If the system isn’t turned off, you can see the light holes and lights all day. We don’t think you should do this because it might make your headliner look less clean.

Starlight Custom doesn’t make holes in the headliner when they put the lights in. This could lead to several good things. The material is safe when there are no holes in the headliner from lights. If you turn off the lights and vents inside the car, you can’t see them from inside the car during the day. The headliner will also make it hard to feel light. If you ever decide to sell your car, you can make it look like it did when you bought it by turning off the lights and taking off any extra parts.

Ask the person putting in the starlight headliner where they plan to put the lights. The more complicated installation may cost more upfront, but it could save you thousands of dollars when you sell your car. These installations will cost $200–$500 more than the faster method of piercing the fabric.

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