The thought of creating a mobile application is a good idea. However, if developing a mobile application interests your company or business, you need to know the process of building an app.

Now, lets view a guide on the things you need to know when developing a mobile application. In other words, the process of mobile application development.

  1. Strategy

             In the strategy stage, is when you begin working on your idea i.e., you define goals, capabilities, business models and the requirements and costs for developing an application. Information about the market, competitors and the target audience are gathered. Also, the designers come up with mobile application screens and concepts, developers choose the platform and application features according to the created idea.  

2. Analysis and planning

             This is the second step in the development of mobile application. Since you already have a detailed information about your mobile application, you now analyze all the data collected and the details you need in the development plan. Analysis and planning include: identifying the skills needed for your mobile project, identify your application’s roadmap and know the specific actions you want your mobile app to perform.

3. UI/UX design

            A lot of attention is paid to an apps design. Thus, your UI/UX design has to be user friendly, engaging and intuitive. The users work on user experience, thinking through the information architecture of your application. They later create wireframes. Wireframes emphasize the user experience and app aesthetics to ensure the final product is intuitive. You also work on style guides which will included all the information about the general look of your product. The designers will later come up with mokeups e.g., app screen designs. The final thing to do in the design process is the creation of application design prototypes.

4. Application development

             This is the main part of the mobile development process. At this stage, developers are involved and It is made up of two parts: the frontend and backend.


The backend stage involves creating databases, frameworks, APIs, hosting and servers that are responsible for your app performance. This process is important since your products performance and scalability directly depend on the back-end’s quality. The backend developer handles the code.


This involves the development of what is visible to the users. And its what the end user will interact with the most. Frontend developers synchronize the visible part of the app with the backend to ensure its power operation. There are three approaches in the frontend development. That is: platform specific, cross platform and hybrid.

5. Mobile application testing

             After the developers have implemented the frontend and the backend and the app design is ready, now the product is ready for design testing. This will make sure the developed solution is secure and stable. The application should undergo the following testing methods: functionality, performance, usability and security.

6. Deployment

             This stage is when you release your mobile application to the market where you choose distribution models according to the applications operating system. Some of these models are: Apple’s App store and Google Play store. You also use various strategies to make your app popular among users.

7. Support and performance monitoring

             This is the last stage of mobile development process that involves continuous support of your application. This will include: improvements to existing ones, implementation of design changes or releases of new features. You can also keep track of crashes, bugs, customer requests and overall app performance for perfection of the mobile application.


In last one-decade, mobile application development companies have increased since the popularity and profitability of mobile applications have taken over almost every sphere of our lives and have made businesses branch into mobile app development. Any company’s business success needs an effective mobile app and thus it is important for business owners to choose a custom mobile app development company service.

A great mobile application idea is not enough for the business success. It is a necessity to have the assistance from experienced mobile app development companies. However, it’s not easy to choose the right company to develop your mobile application.

Let’s find out key factors that help choose the right company to develop mobile application:

  • Security of the app idea

The biggest threat to companies is leaking of the app concept and idea. Companies must ensure the mobile development company they are choosing must follow strict security measures such as signing a non-disclosure agreement, should have data security certifications, breach prevention measures and robust data protection policies on site. The app idea must remain confidential before it finally reaches the app stores.

  • App designing standards

App designs is a crucial factor that contribute to its success. Thus, while choosing a mobile application development company you should consider their services having some grate UI/UX designers capable enough of delivering a good custom app design to the clients. Business owners should also emphasize on the experience and skills of the app developers.

  • Effective delivery management

Mobile application company should keep their clients posted on the progress of the mobile app development cycle. In some cases, clients don’t finds their final mobile app as expected due to the communication gap between them and the development company. Therefore, having regular conversations on the app development ensures a timely delivery of the final product. Thus, companies and businesses must make sure that their development company follows the effective delivery management service guidelines.

  • The app development company portfolio  

Businesses and companies need a team of professionals to build an easy and reliable mobile application. One of the most important parts is their portfolio. The development company’s portfolio should demonstrate their expertise in clients desired field. The portfolio will help clients to see apps with well developed user interface since their application need to be able to rely on the quality of how users interact with features and resources. 

  • Customer reviews and feedback

Going through past and present clients’ feedbacks and reviews on the development company is one of the ways of identifying a better development company. The company’s years of experience will also enable clients to have an idea of the services the development company can offer and whether they are worth consideration. A reliable app development company will provide you with all the information you need to feel confident in their abilities thus showing their past success.

  • Trusted quality assurance testing measures

A great app design and development methodologies is not enough. The development companies must follow latest manuals and automation quality assurance and testing measure to make sure the final product doesn’t have technical errors or bugs to avoid regular interruption in the functioning of the mobile app which leads to users’ loss of interest.


You need the right mobile development company to help you build a good mobile application. Choosing the services from right mobile app development companies is a big investment and there are many ways to make sure your app will be done with a good app development company. Take time to choose the right company and it will be worth your time.

To find the right app development company, consider the following key factors:

  1. Qualification and Experience of the company and its developers
  2. Review of their references and portfolio
  3. App development cost and the pricing structure
  4. The communication process and ease of working with the company
  5. The company’s focus on meeting the needs and goals of their clients.
  • Pro tip: Ask the right questions to ensure the company is a good fit for your project.

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