Top tips for baby hand and foot casting

As parents, we all wish to store every little thing of our kid’s childhood. They grow up as adults in no time and we always miss their childhood. But some memories of our baby childhood cheer us up. So parents always try to save their clothes, their first toy, their first drawing etc as a memory they could cherish forever. But it is always a great idea to do something innovative and creative. One of the creative ideas is to go for 3d casting. In this, you can create the 3d moulds of your kid’s hands and foot. This is one of the innovative ideas which you can keep with yourself your whole life. You can get this 3d casting kit online very easily.

Also, this is a great thing to gift to other kids. They will always remember you for gifting this casting kit. If you are wondering how to use it, know that it is very simple. You just need to follow the instructions mentioned and you are done. The instructions are very easy and anyone can do it. You can also get it done with your whole family holding hands together as a symbol of the love and bond you share. After you are done, you can get it to frame and hang it on the wall. This is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion. If you are taking impressions of your baby, try to hold them in a way that they do not move. As movements will disturb the process and you will not get desired results.

Following are some of the tips which will help you while 3d casting process:

Follow instructions-

It is always recommended to follow the instructions which come along with the kit. If you follow the instructions, you will get the desired results. Go slowly step by step and reach the result.

Make your baby sit still-

It is a tough task but to get the best results you have to try to make your baby sit still. You can divert them by giving them their favorite snack or turning on their favorite cartoon. The lesser they move the better casting will be done

The proportion of molding powder with water-

Before adding water to the molding powder, make sure to know the proportion. Slowly add the water instead of adding the whole in one go. Patience is the key to this procedure. Know that if you add more water than required, the alginate may not be set correctly. Also, if the mix is thick, it will not pour properly and slip down the hand and foot.

Avoid bubbles-

The beginners and the professionals, both face the problem of bubbles while 3d casting. You can reduce the chances of air bubbles by making the right consistency of the mix.

So above are some of the tips and points you should consider while 3d casting. Make sure to get good quality 3D casting molding kits from a well-known website.

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