What can I do Total AV is not starting?

Total AV is the thing if you are looking for something which can keep your computer and devices well protected. The software is very easy to install and also the activation of the program is an easy process to conduct. But that is not all with software programs like Total AV do have so many technicalities associated with it. There can be an issue of Total AV not starting will see the reasons for that, along with the fixes. You can apply those and further work on the problem.

Reasons for Total AV not starting

There can be many reasons for Total AV not starting, such as there is a possibility that the users will not be able to able to use the software program efficiently. There can also be some corruption in the installation of the software program. So, yes you should check that also, and to further make the software program work properly the user should work on the fix of the corruption as well.  The problem can also be because background are not enabled sometimes restarting the service also helps in fixing the problem. But in order to do that all it is necessary for the user to know the exact procedure. So, here further in the guide we will discuss the same procedure and will see how one can efficiently deal with such problems and can maintain the proper workings of the program.

Another antivirus installed

If this is the issue, then for a solution to that you should follow the steps given below
  • Look and search for any antivirus software program that is there conflicting with Total AV
  • If there is any then please remove it
  • After that, restart the system
  • After restarting please conduct Total AV reinstallation
In order to uninstall Total AV please follow the given steps
  • In the search bar enter Total AV
  • After this, right-click on the Total AV app
  • Then click “uninstall”

After this, the user can again re-install the software program once again, and in most cases, this will surely resolve the problem.

Enabling or restarting background services

As we read above enabling or restarting background services can also help with the fix of the issue. So, now let us further see how we can do that.

In order to do these please follow the given steps-
  • Please click on the start or the Windows button
  • In the Windows search bar please enter services.MSc
  • After this, click on Run as administrator
  • In the next step right click PC security management service
  • After this, click on “properties”
  • In the next click on the “recovery tab”
  • After this, you should set the failures in sequence for the restart of the service
  • Once, you do it please click “Apply” and then click “ok”
  • Once you are done with this then open the application and after that please click “enable protection”

Fix for the issue of Total AV not starting

So, these are all the ways and means through which you can easily work on the fix of the issue where you are not able to start Total AV antivirus.  Other than this if the problem is with the installation of the software program. Then for fixing any such corruption the user should uninstall the software from the computer and should again install it. So, once the corrupt file is gone and there will be a fresh file of the software program installed then in that case things will be back on track. You will then be able to use the software just as you like it and you can be well assured of the safety and security of your computer.


Total AV not starting is a very common problem, which the users do get to face very often while using the software program. But, with all the solutions as we have discussed above it will be an easy process to get through these issues and errors. If you still need to know anything more related to the workings of the software program, and then in that case please, get in touch with the team of experts. With the help of the experts, you can get instant and accurate fixes for your issues.

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