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Over the past few years, freelance workers have become a thriving industry in Pakistan. In fact, in 2019, Pakistan was ordered among the top three countries in the global freelancing market. This increase in free labour has provided an opportunity for a large number of beginners across the country, which has contributed to the popularity of workplaces and joint offices in all major cities.

So, what is a shared office or workplace and how does it work?

Simply put, workshops allow local and private entrepreneurs to share a modern workplace with all the latest features and services, such as fast Wi-Fi, snacks, various settings, guest recipients and storage facilities. These shared office spaces often boast of modern infrastructure and allow members to access their facilities at a monthly fee.

Let us look at the pros and cons of a designated office space to decide if it would be the right decision for you.


Workplaces have their own rules that each member must follow. Some people find this limitation. In addition, different groups may stay in the same room at different times, so you may not be able to adjust the space as you like or move your seats.

Only approved space is available, and the work area is completely clean at the end of the day, as if no one is using it.

Lack of data protection

Lack of privacy is one of the biggest challenges facing shared workplaces.

Some of the more expensive shared offices in Pakistan provide members with secret places to work, but this facility may not be affordable for everyone.

One way to solve this problem is with desk design and living space. Collaborative environments can give members a sense of privacy by inserting screens between desks, increasing space between workplaces, and creating unobtrusive meeting rooms. Straight garden and open shelves can also separate different areas of the room without making the room crowded or look small.

Here is what you need to know about workplaces.


Collaborative workplaces have become very popular among young professionals. Wondering why so many new professionals choose unions in Pakistan instead of traditional offices?

We have compiled a list of major advantages of working spaces that may explain the reason for their growth.



Opportunities for communication

Resources and resources


The main advantage of co-operatives in Pakistan is that they are less expensive.

The cost of renting or renting office space in urban areas can be high. In addition, you should incur additional office costs, equipment, utilities and repairs. All of the above make it really difficult to start renting office space during their emerging stages.

In comparison, affiliate sites can be very expensive. Yes, some shared workplaces may be more expensive because of resources and location, but you can easily find a program that works best for you after a little research. Collaborative sites allow entrepreneurs and the private sector to work in the right place without spending a lot of money.


One of the great advantages of a workplace is its flexible cost, time and location.

Almost every shared office system prides itself on more than one integrated system with a variety of resources. This allows emerging and private entrepreneurs to find a program that they can afford without having to deal with many obstacles. Similarly, many workplaces operate day and night. This means that even if you work for clients independently in a different time zone, you can easily do what you have in the allotted office space. On the other hand, many traditional office buildings will not have a place to live.

In addition, workplaces also vary geographically. If your first group grows with a few members overnight, you can easily upgrade your many desk plans and resources without having to worry about getting new furniture etc.


For entrepreneurs and private companies, network communication is very important. Collaborative sites allow people to join a thriving community of like-minded people, who provide them with opportunities to network, share ideas and support a variety of businesses.

Although working from home can be easy and cheap, you may sometimes feel alone. Also, effective network communication is not really possible in the home environment.

Collaborative sites provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to build a diverse network of professional.


Many co-operative sites in Pakistan offer their members a variety of services and services. Some of the most common areas of collaborative work include well-equipped conference rooms, furnished meeting places, a restaurant and snacks, copiers and scanners, a reliable internet connection, and much more.

Some shared workplaces even have recreational areas or playrooms for productive vacation breaks. Similarly, some co-operatives even have various events to promote good relations with their members while at the same time giving them the opportunity to get to know other people in the community and have fun.


A person may face a lack of privacy while working in a shared office space. These are some of the biggest issues for collaboration sites.

Too Many Distractions

Being close to rivals


Lack of privacy

Let us talk about some of them.


Being around like-minded people can be refreshing and encouraging, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your productivity.

Working in a shared office space can be a little confusing, especially since you cannot really ask your neighbors to work peacefully without sounding unreasonable.

With the number of different start-ups working under the same roof in an open building program, you will definitely find ringtones, group chats, phone marketing and much more happening around you – and since they are not team partners, you can’t. Very but try to focus on your work.


Almost every beginner faces competition in all its stages. As more and more young professionals choose job opportunities, you are more likely to end up working closer to your competitor in the industry.Dealing directly with a competitor can create unnecessary tension between the two parties, as both may face the risk of data leaks due to the proximity of their teams. Beginners with similar target markets may be at risk of losing their customers to competitors.

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