What Happens when you don’t have the Bajaj Home Loan NOC Certificate

For every borrower, the most common concern is quick loan approval and repaying the credit within the stipulated tenor. If an individual has obtained a housing loan or any other credit from Bajaj Finserv, they can conveniently download home loan NOC through Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal- Experia without any hassle. Besides, the third important factor is loan closure formality which is usually an extensive process. But with Bajaj Finserv, one can reduce the hassle of lengthy procedures, forms, and the time involved in obtaining funds. Also allowing borrowers to track their loan status and provide NOC letters online.

Consequences of not having an NOC certificate

A home loan NOC or No-Objection Certificate is a legal document generally issued by the lender, stating your complete repayment of credit. It also explains that the lender no longer possesses any right over the collateral property. This document is essential as it helps borrowers achieve a good credit score. Besides, it also contains the necessary information, such as borrower’s name, loan account, loan closure date, list of documents, and more.

By downloading the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan NOC certificate conveniently through the portal, individuals can free themselves from the loan burden once and for all.

  • Impacting credit score

An NOC certificate is essential for borrowers’ credit scores, stating the complete clearance of the availed loan. Not collecting NOC for a previously obtained loan can significantly impact the CIBIL score of a borrower. To such an extent that in certain cases, loan approval gets difficult or impossible. Therefore, one can log in to customer portal Experia and receive a NOC letter for his/her home loan or any other financial product.

  • Incur financial loss

If one does collect NOC from the Bajaj Finserv customer portal, the lender might ask him/her to pay the outstanding amount that has already been paid. This can further lead to multiple confusions and efforts to prove that one has already cleared the amount.

This is why it is essential to download home loan NOC right after completing the entire repayment procedure. Through the Bajaj Finserv customer portal, one can access any loan related information. Check EMI status, avail interest certificate, download crucial loan statements and the likes without any inconvenience. Besides, customers can update personal or contact details through the customer portal in a short time.

During the course of time, Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal Experia has evolved, and it is now an online platform that extends a host of provisions and benefits that customers can benefit from.

  • Legal hassles

Without a NOC certificate, borrowers will not have legal evidence of paying their dues. Due to this, the respective lender who has extended funds can sue the borrower any time for not paying dues on time.

Individuals can download home loan NOC by logging in to the customer portal in a few steps.

How to login to Experia customer portal?

Following is the stepwise login procedure to the customer portal to avail Bajaj Finserv Home Loan NOC certificate-

1st- At first, visit the official website of the Bajaj Finserv customer portal

2nd- Input customer ID, registered mobile number or email ID

3rd- Select between receiving OTP or entering a password

4th- Input information depending on your choice and proceed further by clicking “generate OTP or Next”

5th- Now, enter appropriate verification details and log in

By logging into this portal, customers can download investment-related documents, track or pay EMIs, get notifications for missed or delayed payments, and more.

Now that customers know how to download home loan NOC from Bajaj Finserv customer portal. They can access information anytime and ensure an enhanced online experience.

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