Why is my Canon printer not printing anything?

Once the printer is on or it is ready to print it will wash the print head, and make sure that the printer is fully functional. After the print head has been cleaned, it produces waste ink, which is disposed of inside an ink absorber kit. The ink absorber kit acts as an ink storage pad that is used to store waste ink which is located on the lower part of the printer.

If the waste ink tank is full and the printer is not working, the error code will display in the event that the printer has been in use and reads “Ink absorber is full” using the canon ip110 troubleshooting.

To rectify the full waste ink absorber error, it’s accomplished in two phases. The first involves replacing the absorber unit, once the ink absorber kit is repaired, the second procedure is resetting the counter for waste ink to zero. Once the two phases of repair are complete the printer will be back to normal, and may be used once more. Here’s the process for fixing to fix the Canon Pixma IP110 printer that has an error with the ink absorber. [5B00Ink absorber full [5B00].

Problem Description

Operator Call Error
Alarm LED blinks 8 times Error Warning The ink absorber gets nearly full. [1700]

Notice: When the wasted ink counter is at 95 percent then the printer will display an alert “Warning Ink absorber is almost full. [1700]”. This error is known as “Operator Contact Error”. If this message appears then use the stop button one time to stop printing.

Service Call Errors

  • Blinking cycles of Power and Alarm LEDs 7 times
  • Error: Ink absorber full Error code: [5B00] overseas, [5B01] Japan

Note: If the ink absorber’s capacity for waste is at 100 percent it will display the error code “Ink absorber is full (#5B00)”. The error code is known as” Service Call Error” or “Service call error”. When this error happens the Power and Alarm lights will flash in a series of 7 times and the printer will not be utilized.


  • Cleaning or replacing the kit for ink absorption.
  •  Reset the counter for the ink absorber to zero.


1. Clean or replace the kit for ink absorption

Ink absorption kit for Canon Pixma IP110 is located on the bottom on the back of the printer. You must ensure you have a brand new ink absorber kit prior to disassembling your printer. If a brand-new ink absorber kit isn’t readily available an alternative is cleaning the absorber. This is how you can clean your ink absorber kit.

  •  Take off the absorber kit and place it in a pot that is filled with water.
  •  If the water is cloudy, change it with fresh one.
  • Repeat the soak until the kit for ink absorption is completely clean.
  • After you have soaked the absorber kit with ink dry it out in the sun or let it dry.
  • Ensure that the kit for ink absorption is dry prior to replacing it.

To clean or replace the ink absorber kit it is necessary to take apart the printer as it is located at the bottom of the printer. is located at the base in the printing device. Follow the directions in the photo below for how to remove the Canon Pixma iP110 printer.

After the ink absorber unit has been replaced then the second step would be put together the printer once more. It is important to ensure that the printer assembly is completed safely and in a controlled manner, to avoid any the possibility of causing further damages. Once your ink absorber unit is changed or cleaned then the following step involves resetting the counter for the ink absorber to zero

2. Reset the counter of the ink absorber to zero. STEP 1 : Enter Service Mode

To restore the settings of a Canon printer, it has to be operating in Service Mode. Here’s how you can get the Canon iP110 to enter Service Mode. Service mode operation steps

  •  Switch off the printer.
  •  Hold and press the STOP button.
  • Hold and press until you hit the ON key (do not let go of both buttons)
  •  Press the STOP button (do not let the ON button go)
  •  As you hold your ON button in place, hold the ON button five time after which release the ON key.

3.  Reset the counter for the ink absorber to zero

Based on the information contained in the Canon Pixma IP110 Service Manual for resetting the counter to waste ink, you must make use of the Service Tool v.4420 or greater. In the event that Service Tool v.4420 is not available, you can use Service Tool v.4502 or Service Tool v.4906 instead. In this blog we will use Service Tool v.4906 to reset Canon Pixma IP110.

Before you run this program ensure that the printer is is in Service Mode.
Download Service Tool v.4906
Open Service Tool v.4906. If you’re running mac OS X, please check out the next article how to access Canon Service Tool from macOS X.

Use a loader to load paper A4 or letter.
For reference when maintenance, please select the EEPROM (1) details prior to setting it. Let the printer complete printing. Pay attention for the EEPROM information printed below.
D = Main ink absorber
Dp = Platen ink absorber (AW: platen ink absorber away, HM: platen ink absorber home)

D = Life of the ink absorber (DL=00014 indicates that the remaining time of the ink absorber will be 14 months.)


If D is the value D=100.00 then the main ink absorber kit has to be cleaned or replaced following which the counter for the Main ink absorber has to be reset.
In the event that the Dp AW value is Dp AW=100.0 is reached, then Platen ink absorber needs to be cleaned. After that, you will need to clean the Platen ink absorber counter needs to be reset.

In the event that the number of Dp HM=100.0 The Platen ink absorber has to be cleaned. Following that, you will need to clean the Platen ink absorber counter needs to be reset.
If DL=000, then the main ink absorber has to be replaced as the lifespan has run out.

Clear Ink Counter Select All (2) after which click to SET (3) for the reset of both Main and Platen counters to absorber ink to zero. Once the counter for ink absorber was reset the counter’s value will be printed in a sequence. The printer will then complete printing.

Click the EEPROM (1) details time after reset. The printer should complete printing. Check the EEPROM information prior to and after reset, examine how the printer is performing. D the Dp AW and Dp Hm. Examine the value that are D as well as Dp AW and Dp HM prior to or after reset.
If everything goes as planned If everything is fine, close the Service Tool and then turn off the printer.
For 10 seconds, wait and then switch on the printer. the printer is now ready to use.


Printer repair to fix an ink absorber error messages that include error code [5B00or [5B01] can be completed in two steps. First, clean or replace your ink absorber. Then, reset the counter for waste ink to zero. I

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