Why React Native is best suitable for Start-ups

Finding and assembling the right building blocks for successfully building your start-up is crucial if you want to expand your and survive the competition. Right from the company’s name to the logo, website, mobile apps, and other tools for online presence, you need to plan it all.

Mobile apps are a must for any start-up or business today. You have identified the need to develop a mobile app for your business, and you’re thinking about using React Native for your mobile app development project. That’s a great start already! According to a study published on Statista, React Native is the second most popular cross-platform mobile app framework for 2019-2021. Here, we will see the business benefits of utilizing React Native for developing mobile apps for your start-up and discuss key considerations to keep in mind before deciding on React Native as the ideal mobile app framework for your start-up.

When should you go for React Native for your Start-up?  

It can be challenging to pick a mobile app development platform for your business requirements. However, if we systematically identify all the challenges of our business, and keep a few considerations in mind, such as estimated budget, the urgency of app project, and desired features.

Ideal situations when React Native is the right choice for start-ups –

1. When the start-up wants to scale their business quickly, React Native becomes an ideal choice, as hiring and training React Native developers is easy when hiring React Native developers from a top offshore IT development company. 

2. The start-up wishes to create an MVP to pitch to the investors. MVP stands for a minimal viable product. It is a perfect approach to test your app idea in the market or present it to your investors in a cost-effective way to convince them to invest in your final full-fledged app development project.

3. You already have a native app for your business and want to expand your platform options without investing a considerable amount in a second native app. If you already have a native app developed for iOS or Android and want to migrate to a cross-platform approach, targeting more platforms, React Native is an ideal choice as it provides accessible migration facilities.

4. You are on a tight budget. Being a start-up, you may have a very rigid budget to spare on building an app, especially if you’re from a non-technical industry or have higher priorities at the moment. Building apps with React Native can be very economical as it utilizes a single codebase for targeting multiple platforms.

5. You are on urgent deadlines. Start-ups need to always be on the move, and you cannot allow leniency and procrastination in your growing stage of business. You need to deliver maximum results with the highest productivity and shortest time. Creating MVP with React Native and making updates to the same serves this exact purpose.

When not to go for React Native for your Start-up

React Native doesn’t need to be the only ideal choice for building an app for your start-up. There are instances where native app development is a better choice for start-ups, even if it’s significantly costlier than the cross-app development approach. It all depends on your requirements and expectations from your app.

Instances where you should use native app development for your start-up –

  • You work in a security-specific industry. For instance, if you belong to the BSFI industry, you need your app to be highly secure for protecting sensitive data about your company and your clients. In such situations, a native app is a better alternative than React Native or any other cross-platform app.
  • If you require an app with many heavy custom animations and visuals for providing a rich user experience, native apps can deliver better performance.
  • You need features that require core access to users’ mobile hardware sensors and permissions, such as geolocation tracking.

Business Advantages of using React Native for your Start-up

React Native is the best platform for creating apps for both kinds of apps – internal business processes and client-side facing apps. Here are the advantages of building your business app with React Native –

Engrossing UX (User Experience) – React Native has many native app UI-like components to mimic the richness and responsiveness of native apps, giving the users a rich user experience when they interact with your app.

Faster Time to Market – With a professional team of React Native developers, you can reduce the time to market your React-based app by 50% compared to developing a native app. You can have an app ready to launch in the app stores in a matter of months.

Developer Availability – There are many React Native developers available for hire globally. Since React Native is an established, robust cross-app development platform, you won’t have to worry about not finding the right talent for your project.

Expand Reach – Since React Native is a cross-platform app development framework, you can create apps for iOS, Android, web, and other devices as well using a shared codebase, all of this well within a decent budget.

Hire React Native Developers Key Considerations

Since there is a vast pool of React Native developers available, finding the right candidate or team for your app development project can get overwhelming and challenging. If you keep certain considerations in mind before you head out to hire react native developers for your start-ups, you will find quality talents who can take your React-based app to the next level. Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind before hiring React Native Developers –

Must have skills for React Native Developer

  • Proficiency with JavaScript
  • Understanding of React Native best practices
  • Proficiency in design aesthetics
  • Ability to create and maintain proper documentation
  • Previous experience working with React Native
  • Implement hooks and states
  • Apply OOP – Object-Oriented Principles
  • Build an MVC app as per the client’s requirements
  • Ability to work with Native modules when and if required
  • Write automated tests for ensuring error-free coding and performance
  • Build app and UI components from wireframes and prototypes
  • Work with third-party APIs and dependencies

Final Words

Now you should be clear whether React Native is the right choice for your start-up or not. When deciding the right mobile app platform to launch your app in the market, keep these points in mind. Always weigh the benefits of any platform based on your business requirements and not only the overall popularity of that platform.

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