Does Learning Arabic Language Is Necessary To Read The Holy Quran?

Arabic is one of the world’s oldest languages, and there are more than several languages of Arabic. There are also many types of languages of Arabic. The Arabic, roman (SC Arabic), Romana language, Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Hebrew” are part of the Arabic vocabulary. They should study Arabic since Arabic is the dominant language of Islamic scholars, and linguists learn Arabic as a language. As time goes by, Islamic scholars and scholars have been maintaining Arabic as a language, saying that “This language is the first proper language of humankind” (Grafton, 2010). In Islam, Arabic call as the official language of Islam.

History of Arabic:

The history of Arabic is also part of the Arabic language. It is the oldest language, and it existed on earth 4,500 years ago (“Arabic Dictionary”, 2014). In the early Islamic heritage, the people came to a spiritual agreement with a divine foundation (“Arabic”, 2014). In early Islamic history, the Arabic language had a lot of differences, and the Arabic language refers to as the Quran. The Quran refers to as the Holy Qur’an, and it is not known as the Holy Qur’an, but it has existed for many, many years (“Arabic”, 2014).

Allah’s message to humans:

Muslim scholars know the Quran as the declaration of Allah’s message to humans. In Islam, they use the Arabic language when they discuss Qur’an or Quran. The Quran knows as the true and reliable reference for the word of God for many, many centuries. And the Holy Qur’an teaches from their religion (“Islamic Encyclopedia”, 2014). Although the Holy Qur’an records in the English language, in general, people of Islam do not rely on English, and they count on the Arabic language.

Universal language:

However, Arabic is not a universal language of translation, but it is a universal language used in a formal and strict academic context. In this world, there are various regions of the world. There are Arabic areas, and there are Arabic countries. There are different languages of Arabic around the world, and the Arabic language plays a role in the languages of various cultures of the Arabic region.

In discussing the topic of studying the Arabic language, there are certain limitations of the language of Arabic, and the applications of the Arabic language include interpretation of Arabic text. Muslim scholars interpret the words and symbols of the Quran to convert the information in the Qur’an to understand, to understand that which the Holy Qur’an tells the readers. However, in comparison to the English language. The Arabic language is not complex. And it is easier to master, and the study of the language is not very complicated. In the Quran, there are 20 chapters, and the Arabic word of Allah has Arabic written on it. There is another Arabic word like Koran and Qur’an for the letters and syllables to follow Arabic writing. There are also Arabic words like dedu, fi, ikzabe, Botan, h-r-a-c, Qur’an.

Arabic Dictionary:

The dictionary is also a dictionary from Arabic and derives the vocabulary of the Quran (“Arabic Dictionary”, 2014). Some of the words of Arabic include: drum, paan, Hamman, and courier, to name a few words. The definitions of the word have Arabic written on them. The Arabic language usually uses these words for any other words. Meaning that the same word uses different meanings (Grafton, 2010). Some Arabic words allow as terms to derive, or words that are “common” words for the word. In addition, in the English language, That can use the words under these terms, so it is easy to understand Arabic. In Islam, the Quran plays an important role in the development of the religion, and the Quran can see as the true and reliable source of the truth in the language of the Quran (Grafton, 2010).


The Arabic language is the common language of Islam, and scholars, which Islamic scholars study and practice the Arabic language. It is the basic state for Muslims, and the researchers studying the Arabic language use the Arabic language as the term when the scholars learn the Arabic language. It is a language used widely among Islamic scholars, and Muslims do not rely on English.

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