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10 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Continue in 2022

With increasingly online competition, the need for digital marketing is growing. Going digital has become a trend and we can see the improvement in this area by looking at ad spending, the number of customers on social media, etc.


The online customer is very different from the one you used to know some years back. Today’s customers are more informed, they do their research and then buy something. Online reviews play a huge role in that decision-making process as well.


To keep up with the constant increase of competition and new expectations, let us look at 10 digital marketing trends use by digital marketing Company that will continue to evolve:


1. Focus on email marketing:

Email marketing is still going to be the most important aspect of the digital marketing trend of 2022. The emails drive revenue and also help in creating long-lasting relationships with customers. The key is to use targeted, personalized emails so the customer feels valued.


An effective email campaign includes social sharing buttons, short forms for gathering data, video previews, etc. Again, don’t forget about newsletters! People are more likely to read a newsletter than any other form of a digital marketing campaign.


Personalization will be the most important part of this technique as well as high-quality content that speaks directly to your audience. It has been seen that customized content brings higher conversions compared to generic content.


2. Be careful with your online reviews:

Online reviews hold immense value when it comes to purchasing decisions of today’s consumers (in fact 88% rely on online reviews). You need to constantly monitor your customers’ comments and improve your services where necessary.


You must encourage customers to share their experience on the website or social media platforms which in turn gives an increase to sales. It has been seen that positive reviews improve conversions whereas there is a decrease in conversion rates when it comes to negative reviews.


If you are getting good feedback about your products, content, etc., leverage it! Stand out from other businesses by including this information within the email subject line or at the start of each post/page/email.


3. A shift in customers behavior:

Customer behavior is changing rapidly and it will continue to do so through 2022. They want instant gratification and if not available, they move on to the competitor.


The customer behavior is going mobile as well as digital with a rise in social media usage for a purchase decision. This makes it really important to have a smooth process for purchasing so you don’t lose customers. Make sure your website has a responsive design that adapts to any device or screen size which gives ease of access from anywhere at any time.


4. Deliver more value, not discount:

In the digital marketing world, there is a strong focus on discounts and offers. This is what makes the customer take action because everyone loves a good discount. But this technique will work only for a limited number of times as you need to keep changing your strategy every so often in order to have better results.


Give more value than just an offer/discount because that’s what the customer wants. The bigger value you give, the more customers you will get which means higher sales for your business!


5. Target mobile users:

Nowadays people are spending more time on their phones as compared to their computers. In fact, mobile devices have become a significant part of the customer’s purchase decision process. Hence you need to optimize your website for mobile devices making it easy for customers to access from anywhere at any time. The textual content should be short and the design responsive so that people can easily read and view on small screen sizes.


6. Video marketing will play an important role in 2022:

Since Youtube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google, having video content within your digital marketing strategy makes sense (and also saves time). Make sure your videos are optimized properly because over 50% of internet traffic comes through videos which include sites like YouTube or Vimeo, etc.


You can submit your channel URL to all social media platforms so it reaches out to more people. You can also use the infographic video which is shorter than a normal marketing video but provides value to your customers.


7. Content Marketing:

Content marketing is important because that’s what the customer wants these days! Create relevant content about your business that speaks directly to your target customer. It should be entertaining, informative, and educational at the same time without having any sales pitches in it (which might distract users).


You can ask your SEO reseller to focus should be on creating valuable content which will keep them hooked onto your website or social media platforms for a long time. This means more page views and eventually higher conversions over time creating a positive image of the company within their minds.


8. Mobile optimization wins:

With mobile browsing becoming popular nowadays (at least more than desktop), it makes sense to optimize your website for mobile devices. This not only helps with delivering a better end-user experience (which is what the customer wants) but also drives up sales, brand recognition, and customer loyalty.


Make sure your contact page has your contact number easy to see on responsive websites, that you have an option of chat support on your website or social media platforms which will help in resolving their queries quickly, etc.


9. Re-marketing:

This is all about reaching out to those people who already visited your website or social media page, but didn’t convert. You can use remarketing techniques to send ads and messages across multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter which will help in delivering an effective message at a fraction of the cost (compared to traditional marketing methods). This saves time because you won’t have to create new ad images/texts every now and then rather just track those users who didn’t convert the first time around.


10. Live streaming of events:

If you are running some kind of event or conference, you can live stream it on the internet which will help both employees and customers. For example, if one of your employees is at a conference, you can live stream it (or what’s happening) so that people back home see what’s going on without having to miss out. Customers always want to get an inside look into what’s happening so this is certainly effective especially when advertising events like conferences or shows, etc.


Wrapping up!

Hone your digital marketing tactics in 2022 and get ahead of the competition in your industry. 2022 will be very different from previous years and you need to think out of the box to drive more traction.

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