Find the right school for your child

Parenting brings so much joy and happiness but along with that, it also brings in a lot of responsibilities. Among plenty of them, one is definitely selecting the right school for their kids. It is indeed one of the most crucial decisions that the parents need to take because a lot of academic future of a child depends on that.

When looking for best English public schools, one needs to keep a few important things in mind:

The management

The actual workforce behind every school is the management of the school. It can either make it or break it. So, when researching for a good school for your kids, one needs to check whether the school management has relevant educational backgrounds and also enough experience in the field of education. If people have adequate experience of running schools then they will also have enough idea to know how to handle the challenges that are being encountered in day to day school routines. If the management is under inexperienced hands, then it will hamper the school curriculum and ambience in turn running the learning experience of its students.

The curriculum and co-curricular activities

Curriculum does not only mean what text books are used to teach the students in a school. This means the total educational process.  The curriculum that is followed in a school has to be child-centric and the focus should be on the practicing the core subject along with other skills like thinking, personality development and how to strike a conversation. Apart from that, co curricular activities are very much needed in a school so that it can enhance the learning process of the students. Also, these can help to enhance the intellectual and social skills along with personality in a student. The parents need to check the curriculum and the activities followed by the school in order to choose the right one for their kids.

Location and timings

The school must not be very far from the home and it is an important aspect . Which is needed to be considered. The location of the school needs to be easily accessible and . They should not be any secluded area where travelling on a daily basis can be an issue. Spending a lot of time in travelling can be tiring for the kids and they will not be able to concentrate properly in the school. Also, one needs to see whether the school provides transport (like school buses or cars) or not.

Safety and security

Safety is very much important for children at schools. Children do spend a considerable amount of time everyday at school and . So it is very important to check whether the ambience there is safe or not. Parents need to check whether there is a regulation and what procedures and protocols are followed within the school premises.

Quality of teachers

The faculty is something that is very crucial to check when one is looking for CBSE schools near me. The teachers are needed to be well qualified and they must create a positive learning ambience for the students.

A proper research is always needed here.


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