How Good is Russia for Study MBBS

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing good. Today we will discuss about how good is Russia for studying MBBS? Is it worth studying Russia for Study MBBS in Russia? If you are also struggling with such queries ,stay connected with us, we will help you.

Russia, country stretches over a vast expanse of eastern Europe and northern Asia.

In the number of Indian students who prefer to Study MBBS in Abroad. There are many reasons why Indian students are opting to Study MBBS Overseas. Have a look at the various explanations why Indian students are flying Overseas for medical . Many aspiring Indian students dreaming for become a doctor. However, for most, this goal remains unfulfilled.

You will find around 63800 MBBS seats in medical universities in India, whereas Lakhs of students appear for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). Therefore, almost all of the Indian students aspiring to go after MBBS in India find it hard to get medical seat through merit. With NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) becoming the only common MBBS entrance test in India.

The private medical universities across India have considerably hiked MBBS tuition fees. Besides, the fees for management seats are also increased by almost all of the private medical universities, so that it is difficult to cover. Hence, there remains the only choice – Study MBBS in Abroad.

If you are also struggling with where are you certain go for your MBBS in abroad or you are thinking about Russia for pursuing your MBBS. We will guide you and help you in choosing the best destination for you.

Whenever we talk about MBBS in Abroad, the first thing that crosses our mind is the MBBS from Abroad cost. Instead of jumping right away to the cost of Russia for Study MBBS in Russia we will start our discussion with other important facts you should know:-

Let’s get started

1. Course Duration:

The duration of MBBS course in Russia is 6 years. If we talk precisely its 5.8 years of course. In which the first 3 years are more 70% Theory and 30% Practical and the last 3 years are mainly 70% clinical rotations and 30% theory. So if you Russia for Study MBBS in Russia you will get a perfect mix of practical and Theory, which is a great advantage as compared to other countries of Abroad.

2. Medium of Education

Whenever we talk about MBBS from Russia, we get to hear about Bilingual universities. Whenever you are selecting any university to study MBBS from Russia make sure to select compete English Medium Universities, because it is truth that there are many bilingual universities as well which teaches first 3 years in English and last 3 years in Russian language.In many universities the medium of education is English for the complete course where your lectures,lectures, exams, books everything happens in English Language only for the complete 6 year duration.

Note,The Russian language subject will be taught in 1st year so that students do not face much issues in their day to day life and it helps during your clinical rotations and hospital visits as well.

3. Universities of Russia

When you choose to do MBBS from Russia you get a long list of university to choose from. Choosing the right university is the key in case of Russia. Russia is a huge country and have many universities. There is a long list of government universities available which are MCI approved and WHO Listed

Some of the recommended options are Kazan Federal University, Crimea Federal University, Bashkir State Medical University, Kuban State Medical University. Altai State Medical University and Ulyanovsk State Medical University.

4. Fees structure / Cost

Talking about MBBS in Russia fee structure, it Varies from university to university. However the minimum budget required is 22 Lacs and maximum it may go upto 70 lacs as well depending upon the choice of the university.

However if you talk about Russia for Study MBBS in Russia fees for Indian students, Mainly Indian Students chooses universities within a range of 22 lacs to 32 Lacs and in this budget you can get a university with high MCI passing ratio and great quality of education. The budget mentioned above includes your Tuition Fees, Hostel Fees, Food charges, Visa Extension and Medical Insurance for 6 years. So MBBS from Russia is an affordable option and have something to offer to every student in any budget range.

5. Reviews

After getting all the information about MBBS in Russia, you must be thinking about the reviews on MBBS from Russia. You must have got a question as MBBS in Russia is good or bad. Lemme tell you some clear pros and cons, Like any other country MBBS in Russia have its own Pros and cons, so passing over the reviews which we get are:

  1. In some universities the hostel are a little far away from the university, although in most of the universities they are very near but in some universities they are a bit far.
  2. Indian Mess is not available in all the universities, some universities offers tiffin system and some offers self cooking option.
  3. The weather is very cold in Russia, however the hostels and universities are centrally heated.

I thought to bring all these reviews to bring to your notice so that you have your mind prepared for cons.

Coming on to the pros:

  1. Education quality is good, teachers are highly qualified and helping in nature. As the language of instruction is English so students will not face Any issues in communication or understanding the syllabus or concepts.
  2. Hostels are neat, clean and very tidy.
  3. Self Cooking option offers you the flexibility on food part. You can cook both the veg and non vegetarian foods of your choice.


If you are also searching for right guidance or mentor for helping you in taking the best decision for you , regarding your MBBS in abroad. Then you can surely contact pulse education, one of the best renowned education consultant for MBBS in abroad. we have tried to cover all the queries you get when you decide to go Russia for MBBS or MBBS in China. Now I hope you are ready to take the right decision for you. We will be back soon with another interesting information for you. In the last, stay motivated stay connected with us.

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