How to troubleshoot the printer won’t connect issue?

The printer has become an essential gadget for users. You need the printer at the office as well as at home. Earlier, the printers often faced issues like paper jamming. But today the printers are more robust and reliable. New printer models provide multifunctionality where you can use the single gadget for printing, scanning, and fax. Now you can connect the printer via cable or Wi-Fi with any device. But like the other hardware devices, the user still faces lots of issues while using the printer. The printer connection error mainly appears when the cable is faulty or some printer files are showing issues.

The common reason behind printer connection error

  1. You are using a faulty cable
  2. WPS pin is disabled on the router
  3. Wi-Fi function is not working on the printer
  4. Some printer files are showing errors
  5. Printer services stopped working

Troubleshooting printer connection error

Check the printer cable

In a wired printer connection, you get the connection error when the cable is faulty. Eject the cable from your printer and connect another device with it. Now check whether the device is connecting. If the cable is faulty then you can’t connect any device with it. Remove the cable from the PC also and check its pins for any damage. Don’t use a damaged cable on the printer. Also, check for the USB ports on the PC. Use another port for connecting the printer as sometimes the connection gets loose. If the cable is damaged then get a new and high-speed cable. Connect your printer with a new cable and now check the connection error. 

Check the WPS and router

You can connect the printer directly to the router if it has the physical WPS pin. Sometimes the WPS pin gets disabled and the printer starts showing the connection error. When the printer is not connecting to the network; check your router. Restart the router and now try to connect the printer device. Go to the WPS pin and restart it. Now check the printer and press its Wi-Fi button. The Wi-Fi lamp must be blinking to search the connection. The user will see the SSID on the network on the printer screen. Choose the correct SSID for the printer connection. But when the router doesn’t have the WPS connectivity then use the standard method to connect the printer to the router. 

Repair the printer driver

You need the printer software to communicate with the PC. Many times, the printer shows connection issues if the system doesn’t have a driver. In multifunction printers; some users get connection issues when they are using it for scanning purposes. Your Brother scanner won’t connect to PC if its software is not working. Open the PC and now click on the scanner driver. Select the update and install a new update of the software. Many printer errors get repaired after updating the driver. If the software is not working then remove it. Uninstall your corrupted scanner driver. Go to the computer and reinstall the scanner driver for your printer. Now retry to connect the printer with your PC and now scan your documents.

Reset the printer driver

Few users get connection issues on the printer after making changes on the printer. They may have changed some default settings which are restricting the connection. If you remember those changes and reopen the printer settings and undo them. The printer will connect to the PC when it gets the correct settings. In case you forget the changes on the printer then use the reset tool. You have to reset the printer settings to repair the error.  

  1. Remove the printer cable and press the Menu button
  2. Select the Initial Setup and choose Reset
  3. Check the options and choose the Reset Machine option

Tap on the OK button and the printer will start resetting to the factory settings. Now the printer will restart automatically with factory settings. Use the cable or Wi-Fi and reconnect and reconfigure the printer to your system. 

Run the printer troubleshooter

Printers can get connection errors when the printer files on the PC are not working. While making changes, some of the printer files may get corrupted. You can connect the printer only when the printer files start working. If you can’t repair those printer files manually; use the troubleshooter. Go to the search bar and type Printer Troubleshooter. Run the tool to repair all the corrupted printer files. After repairing, you can connect the printer and take your printouts.

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