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Is There Any Method to Retrieve Previous Changes Made in WordPress?

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Wordpress maintenance services Toronto : When editing your WordPress website, it’s easy to make a mistake and remove content that you didn’t intentionally plan to. In a panic you try to undo or go back to the previous page with no luck, and you fear that you’ve wiped out your amazing content.

Fortunately, there is a way to retrieve previous changes that you’ve made in WordPress. It will be helping you go back to an older version of the post. With revisions, you can travel back in time on your website, and you can undo some of these changes. With tips from professional WordPress web development Toronto website owners can benefit from restoring and revising content and entire pages on the platform.

Revision History for Posts

WordPress consists of a database that allows you to restore a page or post that you’ve been working on. But before you edit any content or create new posts, it is important to understand how the system works.
The popular CMS platform allows you to store a revision history of draft posts and pages that you’re working on which is known as its auto-save. Once it auto-saves, it wipes over the older version; however, if you were to lose connection or the page suddenly crash, then you can rely on your auto-save to retrieve it. The editing screen will allow you to pick a revision and return to the older post.
As a more permanent feature, when you post or publish a page, WordPress will store these posts and pages indefinitely in its database. This is called a post-revision and can be used to undo previous changes.

How to Undo Changes Using Revision Posts

What you really want to know is how to undo or go back to a former post, so let’s look at ways of retrieving changes in WordPress.
When you access the document panel, then the page/post section in WordPress, you want to get to the revisions panel and then post revisions. Once you find the last revisions, you can use the scroll bar to find earlier versions of the post.

These changes will also be highlighted, and you’ll be able to see exactly who the user was that made the changes if you’ve got multiple authors and authorization to access the website.
To move through the revisions, simply use the scroll or the previous and the next buttons. This will help you find the changes you are looking for. And you’ll be able to make comparisons of the posts at the same time.
If you find a specific post or page that you want to save, then you can click on restore and it will automatically load and save the page.
Should you want to go back to your latest version. You will be able to find it in the WordPress database saved under another revision.

The Old WordPress Version

If you are still using the old version of WordPress. You’ll need to go to the post edit section which you’ll find in the meta box. You should see a revisions category that you can click on. And this should reveal a list of the revisions that you can browse through.

How WordPress Saves Revisions

When you create content in WordPress it will save a draft of your post every 60 seconds. It is important to note that this version will not save as a revision that you can access later on.

You will need to save as draft, schedule, update, or as publish. If you want the content to be saved as a revision that you can restore after some time.

Should you find that you are unable to retrieve the desired content, you can consult with an experienced WordPress maintenance and website development service for assistance.

Professional WordPress Website Assistance

For some of us, the process of finding and restoring pages or posts from earlier versions of WordPress. It is not that simple and straightforward. To help you with specific web requirements, sometimes it is better to call on the experts.

If you cannot find a particular post that you wish to restore. It is best to speak to professional WordPress web development Toronto can provide. Experts can assist by retrieving the content that you are looking for and helping restore certain posts or pages so you can continue to update and edit with confidence.

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