QuickBooks error 6144 82 Can’t access the company File | Full Guide

QuickBooks is a high-end software package that could enable easy automation of accounts and finances of various businesses and individuals. It keeps track of the requirements of small, medium companies and self-proprietors. It has many features such as – point of sales meant for merchandising stores and retailers, creating paychecks for employees, building reports, etc. Sometimes, whenever the user works with QuickBooks, one may experience some issues like the software bugs interwoven within the application making it hard for the user to carry on with one’s tasks. For example, the “QuickBooks error 6144 82” error code triggers action while the user tries to open company files using the of QuickBooks application. In addition, it has several good reasons and could be resolved using simple measures as stated in the other topics of the blog.

On the other hand, the error code “QuickBooks error 6144 82” generally occurs whenever the user opens data files in QuickBooks, and it can be resolved using appropriate steps provided in the blog. However, if you have a relevant query, you may call the helpdesk number 1-855-856-0042 for a custom resolution.

  • The internet settings in the user’s PC are not appropriately configured.
  • Some of the QuickBooks files viz., the transaction log (.TLG), and the network data (.ND) files are not working with efficiency or have become corrupt.
  • The QuickBooks Database Server Manager has not been installed and set up in the server machine.
  • Data in the company files have become impaired or missing data in the company files.

Preventive remedies to rectify the error “QuickBooks error 6144 82”

Solution-1: Make changes to names of (.ND) and (.TLG) files

  • Run ‘QuickBooks’.
  • Using the Windows Explorer application in Windows, navigate to the noted company files path.
  • Find all the transaction log files (.TLG) and network data (.ND) files corresponding to the applicable company files.
  • Right-click on the ‘.TLG’ file, choose ‘Rename’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Include the text ‘.OLD’ to the existing file name, such that, ‘[my_company_file].tlg.old’.
  • Repeat the above steps 9 and 10 to rename the ‘.ND’ files.
  • Attempt opening company files in QuickBooks.

Solution-2: Utilize the Auto Data Recovery feature in QuickBooks to recover the lost data

  • Close the ‘QuickBooks Desktop’.
  • Make a new folder named ‘QBTest’ on the Windows Desktop.
  • Check for the folder titled ‘QuickBooksAutoDataRecovery’ in the company files path.
  • Find all (.TLG.adr) and (.QBW.adr) files having names resembling the company files.
  • Turn on ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ or ‘File Name Extension’(Win 8, 8.1, 10) to discover file extensions.
  • Make sure to copy ‘.TLG.adr’ and ‘.QBW.adr’ files.
  • Go to the ‘QBTest’ and paste files.
  • Rename ‘.TLG.adr’ and ‘.ND.adr’ files by erasing ‘.adr’.
  • Run ‘QuickBooks’ and access the files in the QBTest folder.
  • Run the ‘Verify Data’ utility under ‘Utilities’ located below the ‘File’ menu.

We are about to end our blog here. To conclude, the above-mentioned content regarding the error the “QuickBooks error 6144 82” has been written to focus on the underlying reasons and troubleshooting of the error. Still, If there is any doubt or query that comes to your mind, please feel free to contact +1-855-856-0042.

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