Should You Consider Having A Tour Guides In Baku?

Explore everything here, eat in any restaurant or cafe. You can return to ancient Baku. Old City of Baku – Start your tour with a walk through the Old City of Baku. Baku girls often become great tour guides. Thus a walking tour of the Old City of Baku will introduce you to the rich history of the eastern part of Baku. Thanks to the PrivateGuide service, you can choose a personal guide to the local attractions of Baku (which is the capital / main city of Azerbaijan) in a few clicks.

Short trips


Here you can see many Baku tours as well as day trips from Baku. If you are interested in all the tours that Baku offers and day trips from Baku. You can book a large number of tours online.


The itinerary of the first day in Baku is pretty optimistic, but if you plan ahead. I think you will succeed. So if you want to know more about this city, keep reading as we have created a guide to Baku for its future visitors.


Baku will definitely be on your itinerary in Azerbaijan, and it’s great to see how the people of the country are all in one city. English is quite common and traveling to Baku is like visiting another European city. But more than that, when you get to Baku, the cities are quite small and everyone knows everyone.


I highly recommend taking an Uber to get from the airport to Baku as taxi drivers will do their best to rob you. Upon arrival in Baku, your driver and guide will be waiting for you at the baggage and customs gate to transfer you to your hotel. Read our travel guide to Baku to get an idea of ​​your next trip to this wonderful capital of the country of Azerbaijan.

Sights in Baku


There are so many great sights and places to visit in Baku and Azerbaijan that you should be sure not to miss them if you are short on time. There are many other day trips and tours that you can take from Baku. And if you are interested in exploring further or looking for a more private trip, I highly recommend you check out all the tours available here. You can also take a night walking tour of Baku, which really has a lot to see.


There are several mud volcanoes around Baku. During the tour, you will climb one of them and walk. Mud volcanoes are another important attraction near Baku. And it is also included in the list of places you will visit during your tour. Those in Gobustan National Park are the most popular sights in Baku on a day trip (you can take a bus to the entrance of the park. But the volcano is not easy to find).


The Tower of the Virgins. A precious stone in the shell of a metropolis. An ancient fortification. Now a museum and one of the most important components of the Baku “sea” facade. The walls are well preserved and date back to the 12th century. And the palace was built in the 15th century. The old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Is one of the oldest permanently inhabited areas in the region. A well-preserved temple of fire worshipers – Zoroastrians, who for many centuries came here to bow to the flame emanating from the earth.


Azerbaijan is known as the “land of fire” and is a former Soviet republic known for its high-tech capital Baku. The Greater Caucasus Mountains. And the strange fire phenomenon (hence the name). Until recently, Baku. The capital of Azerbaijan, was a truly uninhabited place that only the bravest travelers knew. However, due to exponential development. Baku today is almost a futuristic city. It successfully combines tradition and modernity. These two elements can be seen throughout the city.

My own experience


After two visits to Baku in 2016 and 2018. Here is a comprehensive Baku travel guide containing everything to do in Baku in 3 days, including many travel tips. This Baku travel guide will provide you with tips and some practical information for planning your trip to Baku. There are many things to know before planning a trip to Baku. Azerbaijan, but hopefully these are some general tips that can help you prepare for your trip there. This comprehensive Azerbaijan travel guide will help you plan your dream trip. From the things to do, costs, ways to stay safe, saving money, walking around and more.


We have created a guide to the best hotels in Baku, but we want to quickly recommend a few for travelers heading to Baku. I definitely think booking a trip to Baku would be a great getaway if you are a city person who also enjoys some of the day trip options. You can never go wrong here because there are interesting tourist attractions here. These are several inexpensive excursions around the city and its environs that we recommend to people visiting Azerbaijan.


If you have time and want to see everything in this guide. I recommend that you spend about 3 full days (4 nights) in Baku before heading out to explore the rest of the country. In 3 days, you can cover most of the cases in Baku. Including a day trip to visit Gobustan mud volcanoes and petroglyphs. If you are an outdoor enthusiast planning to visit many of Baku’s existing day trips. You will want to visit them in the spring, summer or fall. Baku is also known as the City of Winds and it can get very windy at any time of the year. So be prepared to visit Baku.


This guide explains how to get to the Baku Olympic Stadium from different points in the city. With few resources to help the brave adventurer plan a trip to Azerbaijan. Professional English-speaking driver and cook all rolled into one.

Join public or private tours


You can join a tour or book a private tour, but an audio guide is the best option. This way, you will not only have a place to stay. But also a local host who will advise you on the best places to go and what to see.


While you can travel here and travel on your own, you will also find many companies offering organized day trips around the region starting at AZN 38 (US $ 23). But since most of the tours you get from Baku often include Yanar Dag, Gobustan. Temple of Fire and Mud Volcanoes, you will have to decide for yourself whether you want to pay 9 manats for entry or not.


In the end


I asked the woman who worked at the airport information desk about. The price of a taxi from Baku airport to the city so that I would not be robbed. And she told me that it would be 30-40 manats.

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