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Things to consider while buying an elliptical cross trainer

When buying a new home cross trainer, there are many different things to consider. If you’re looking for a way to improve your health and well-being, now is the perfect time to invest in a new piece of equipment. The best part? You can choose from hundreds of models with all sorts of features, styles and price points. That said, there’s no “one size fits all” regarding home fitness equipment. The following are a few essential questions you should ask yourself before making this purchase:

Build quality of the machine

The machine’s build quality is important when buying an exercise machine. The machine should be well put together, durable and sturdy to last a long time. The user should feel comfortable working out on it and safe from injury.

A good elliptical cross trainer will last for years if it’s made of quality materials and has been built to withstand heavy usage over time. When shopping for a cross trainer in person or online, look at the weight capacity of each model to make sure it can accommodate your body type and size without breaking down under repeated use. If certain parts of the cross trainer are not built with high-quality materials, they may fail after only a few months or years of use by someone with an average weight of fewer than 200 pounds (about 93 kilograms).

You’ll also want to confirm that all moving parts are firmly secured before purchasing any new exercise equipment.

What accessories come with it?

The best elliptical cross trainers will include some or all of the following accessories:

  • Programmed workouts – A variety of pre-set programs and workout routines that can be used to challenge you as you improve your fitness level
  • Heart rate monitor – Keeps track of your heart rate, so it’s easy to know when to slow down or speed up.
  • Emergency stop button – For safety reasons, many models have an emergency stop button in case of a problem. Some also have a low battery indicator, so you don’t end up without power just before a big race.

Does it have a heart rate monitor?

A heart rate meter is one of the most critical features. For example, if you start with a moderate pace but suddenly feel like you’re out of breath and about to pass out, the display will tell you this and help you slow down or speed up accordingly. If you’re feeling great and want to amp up the intensity of your workout, having a reliable way of measuring this is essential because otherwise, it’s easy to overdo it without realising it.

Does it have the option to connect with external devices?

You can connect your elliptical trainer to an external device if it has suitable connectivity options. This will allow you to use the machine more effectively and make it more fun and challenging.

Most of them have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the machine via a wireless connection. Some models offer Wi-Fi connectivity, too, allowing you to stream music from your mobile device through speakers built into the machine.

These features are convenient and help increase motivation during workouts, but they may only be available on some machines, so make sure you look for a product with these features before purchasing it.

Is there a warranty, and how much is it?

A manufacturer’s warranty is important because it shows the company stands behind their product. An extended warranty is good, but it’s even better if it covers parts and labour. 

Take your time and make an informed decision based on the above factors. Remember, you need to find a suitable machine because you want it to last for years so that it does not become another piece of junk sitting in your garage collecting dust.

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