Top 5 Innovative Holi Party Ideas to celebrate holi in 2022

The most colorful celebration is approaching; it’s time to embrace the spirit of the occasion and prepare an unforgettable Holi party. What could be more fun than arranging a Holi party? Are you unsure where to begin? To ensure that you, your friends, and family have a good time, all you need is a party planning checklist and some holi party ideas.

Holi is one of India’s most respected and cherished festivals, with celebrations taking place in practically every area of the country. It is also known as the “festival of love” because on this day, people come together to forget over their bitterness and negative feelings toward one another. It goes by several names in different sections of the country.

Let’s discuss about some Holi party ideas that everyone can include in their checklist to make their event memorable.

Here are the top 5 Holi Party Ideas that you can add to your list

Lighting the Holika Bonfire

Add bonfire in your holi party ideas & make your bonfire in an open area free of trees, and have an adult light it. The day the Holika is burned is known as “Choti Holi,”. The next day is known as “Rangwali Holi,” or “Holi of Colors.” A log would be placed in the heart of town 40 days before the Holi celebration to indicate that it was time to collect wood for the Holika bonfire. For your Holika bonfire, gather enough wood and combustible debris to make a medium-to-large mound.

Holi playlist

Holi is incomplete without the special Holi Playlist. Make sure to add a playlist to your holi party ideas. Track to the beats of the all-time classic song Rang Barse and add a list of peppy Bollywood Holi song numbers like Do me a favor let’s play Holi, Badri Ki Dulhania, Balam Pichkari  to your ultimate party playlist.

Holi Delicacies

Holi is all about festivities, fun, and mouth-watering delicacies. Keep the theme Indian and add traditional holi recipes like gujiya, dahi vada, sweet rice in your holi party ideas. Serve finger food items like chaat and bhelpuri, gol-gappa shots, to spice it up! Don’t want to miss out on the fun, with the party in full swing. 

Holi Drinks

Are you imagine a holi party without holi drinks? Absolutely not, so make sure to add holi drinks in your holi party ideas. Holi allows people to let loose, and all you need is a glass of Thandai to get in the mood. Maintain a steady supply of Lassi, mocktails, and lemonades to keep everyone hydrated and refreshed.

Holi  Ke Rang, Games Ke Sang

Replace the traditional rain dance Holi party ideas with engaging activities to make your celebration more entertaining. You may have a good time with your mates by playing games like musical chairs, balloon filling, etc.

Wrap Up

You can also celebrate by purchasing gulal, a bright, colorful powder, and showering it to your loved ones. Dance and sing to the beat of a dholak, a sort of hand drum used at festivities, while throwing the gulal in the air. Go through the above-mentioned ideas and add your favorite one in your holi party ideas to make your event more joyful.

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