How To Add USB Device To The Belkin AC1200 DB AC Router?

The Belkin AC1200 is a dual-band ultrafast wireless range gigabit router. It offers high-speed network connectivity around the home. The wireless network connectivity is built-in in the wireless router. The most advanced & latest AC technology works with the wireless router. The A technology completely enhances the wireless & extends the network coverage. It provides up to a 2.8X faster network than the N technology. Moreover, the Belkin AC1200 DB AC router offers a high-speed range as well as more reliable coverage. This networking router completely creates a wide pathway then everyone in your home securely approaches the wireless network. This AC router is absolutely optimum & ideal for HD video streaming. 

Furthermore, the four gigabit Ethernet LAN port is built-in on the back panel of the Gigabit router. Then with this port, you can simply & effortlessly connect your wired device. Additionally, the one USB port is also there that allows connecting the USB device to the router. If you wish to connect your device to the dual-band router, then you should perform the belkin setup. By using a web browser & IP address, you can simply & effortlessly perform the wireless setup in a quick way.

Belkin AC1200 DB AC Router WPS & status LED light description 

The Belkin wireless router comes along with a status LED indicator light. This light is usually more useful for the router. If the connection doesn’t establish with the WPS button then you can know easily through this button. 

Belkin AC1200 status LED light: 

On the front panel of the AC1200 wireless router, the status LED light is built-in. This LED light thoroughly delivers the status. If this LED light starts off that means your wireless router doesn’t plug into the power supply properly. If the LED light status is blinking blue, the router is booting up. The LED light status is solid blue, the router is connected to the internet. Moreover, if the blinking amber, which means the Belkin router can’t detect the power modem. 

WPS LED light status:

The WPS LED light is built-in on the front panel of the Belkin wireless router. This LED light absolutely delivers the WPS connection information. If the WPS LED light is solid blue that means the modem router has made a secure connection with the computer or other device. If this LED light is blinking blue, the Modem Router is listening for a WPS-enabled computer or another device. The WPS LED light status is amber that means the connection was not created.

Add USB Device To The Belkin AC1200 DB AC Router

The Belkin AC1200 wireless dual-band router completely supports the USB device. Because on the back panel the USB port is built-in. This port correctly allows you to add the USB device to the wireless. If you wish to add the USB device to the wireless router, then you need to follow various steps. 

Select the USB device position

If you wish to connect the USB device to the wireless dual-band router, then you should select the USB device position. Because the position of your USB device is correct then only you will be able to make a secure connection. You always select your USB device position near the Belkin router. In the room where you are installing your Belkin router, you should also install your USB device in the same room.

If you install a USB device like drive, printer, & other devices near the (ac1200 belkin 4xx) router then the chances to establish a successful connection. 

Connect the USB device to the router

With the USB cable, you can simply & securely add the USB device to the Belkin router. After selecting the position. You ensure the power. If the power will turn ON then, you need to turn off the power. If you do not turn off the power then there may chance of getting electrocute. After this, you have to use the USB cable, and plug this cable into the USB port of your router which is on the side of the back. The remaining end of this cable will plug into your USB device port. 

Now, use the AC power adapter as well as the AC power cable. You can connect the AC cable to Belkin’s power adapter. The AC power adapter is plugged into the power supply. After that, you need to verify the connection. Now, the USB device is properly & accurately added to the Belkin router in the proper manner. 

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