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Internet-Ready TV vs Smart TV – How Do They Differ?

Are you shopping for a new TV and feeling bewildered to find out smart TV and an internet-ready TV are two different things? You’re not alone!  As technology continues to develop, the types of TVs out there have evolved too. So, you have got to know the difference to make the right purchase.

Internet-ready TV is not a new thing, it dates back to the time before 2021. Also, back in 2011, the term smart TV referred to a TV-set top box only that allowed you to surf the internet like a keyboard. It wasn’t really the smart TV of today. Follow along this detailed comparison to learn more about the two.

Internet-Ready TV Explained

This TV type is quintessential. It’s kind of a traditional TV on which you can tune into your Spectrum TV package or any other cable. But this TV also lets you connect to the web directly and deliver content like Netflix shows, YouTube shows, or weather info directly onto the screen.

Today, multiple mobile devices exist to let us access the internet. Every TV company that’s selling TVs at present is basically selling internet-ready models. You don’t really need anything special to use an internet-ready TV. Everything is built-in. You’re definitely going to need an internet package. Look for an ethernet port at the back of your TV and simply connect to it.

Features to Expect

An internet-ready TV looks like a standard TV. The thing that sets it apart is the ethernet port and the ability to connect peripherals.

Internet-ready TV comes with a range of interactive features that allow you to execute a variety of tasks on the internet. You can have access to video and music streaming apps such as Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and others. The availability of content is determined by the manufacturer and model type.

Smart TV Explained

It can be said a smart TV is the successor of the internet-ready TV. The core functionality is the same but the difference is that it gives you web access so you can play games, stream, check social media on your TV screen. All smart TVs have an ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi. Whenever you feel like it, connect your TV to your home internet and view content on the bigger screen.

A majority of smart TVs come with their own operating systems, each with its own set of features. Samsung Smart TVs, for example, use Tizen, which is highly quick and immediately recognizes connected devices and inputs. An operating system, which provides a backbone for a TV set and centralized control, may be missing from Internet-ready TVs.

Internet Ready TV vs. Smart TV

Now let’s explore the differences between these two TVs:

The Buffering

A smart TV lets you download anything app you like minus the buffering issue. Things are not the same when it comes to internet TV where you can’t even download an app. Even if you are trying to use the built-in apps, you will frequently bump into the “try again later” message.


Internet TV doesn’t let you customize anything. You are basically stuck with the apps that are already installed. There is no liberty to change anything. On the other hand, a smart TV offers lots of customization. You can even upgrade the app.


The features of Internet-ready TV and smart TV vary drastically. When it comes to smart TV, you can easily connect your smartphone to the TV but this feature is not available on internet-ready TV. Most smart TVs have their own OS and built-in web apps. There is a huge library of apps to choose from so there is a good chance the app you want to use is already there. internet-ready TVs are limited when it comes to features.

Which One Is Better?

The answer is definitely a smart TV because it’s more efficient, reliable, user-friendly than an internet-ready TV. But here is some help to decide.

However, an Internet TV will be appropriate for families who don’t use the internet and their activities include listening to movies or reading the newspapers. The user interface is quite simple to navigate.

If your family is looking for something different to do for entertainment, or if you want to connect your TV to other devices such as a TV or a phone, a Smart TV is right for you. When you can install extra programs on your Smart TV, the number of applications you can download is limitless.

Finally, before purchasing Smart TVs or Internet TVs, assess our family’s demands in order to choose the right TV. One thing to remember is that we only buy such expensive appliances once a year or every few years. So, make sure you buy them after giving them some thought. Not to forget choose a reputable company.

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